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Byzantium and the Crusades

Harris, Jonathan.

The Logge register of Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills 1479-1486

Boatwright, Lesley.; Habberjam, Moira.; Hammond, Peter.; -(2008)

The Sandino affair

Macaulay, Neill.(1985)

What were the crusades?

Riley-Smith, Jonathan Simon Christopher, (2009)

The Crusades : a history

Riley-Smith, Jonathan, (2014)

The good immigrant

Shukla, Nikesh.; -(2016)


Kissinger, Henry, (1995)

Cuba : picturing change

Ledbetter, E. Wright (2002)

Bridging enigma : Cubans on Cuba

Fornet, Ambrosio.; -(1997)

Gibbon : making history

Porter, Roy, (1988)

The future of history

Lukacs, John, (2011)

Shadow pasts : history's mysteries

Rubinstein, W. D.(2008)

Pakistan : a hard country

Lieven, Anatol.(2012)

Memoirs of Louis Philippe Comte de Ségur

Ségur, Louis-Philippe de, (1960)

A Herzen reader

Herzen, Aleksandr, (2012)

Barbarism and religion

Pocock, J. G. A.

Caste in history

Banerjee-Dube, Ishita; -(2010)

The Cold War : a new history

Gaddis, John Lewis.(2005)


Large, David Clay.(2000)

Barbarism and religion

Pocock, J. G. A.

When memory comes

Friedländer, Saul,

The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1940

Gonzales, Michael J., (2002)

Caste in India

Mines, Diane P., (2009)

The Iranian Revolution

Wagner, Heather Lehr.(2010)

The history of White people

Painter, Nell Irvin.(2010)

How to be a Victorian

Goodman, Ruth,

Seven myths of the Crusades

Andrea, Alfred J.,

Haiti : the aftershocks of history

Dubois, Laurent, (2012)

Lenin on the train

Merridale, Catherine,

Mussolini and Italian fascism

Finaldi, Giuseppe.(2008)

Misconceptions about the Middle Ages

Harris, Stephen J., (2009)

The Cambridge companion to Abelard

Brower, Jeffrey E.; Guilfoy, Kevin.; -

A short history of the Middle Ages

Rosenwein, Barbara H.(2014)

Cnut the Great

Bolton, Timothy,

Occidentalism : images of the West

Carrier, James G.; -(1995)

The letters of Abelard and Heloise

Radice, Betty.; Clanchy, M. T.; Abelard, Peter, (2003)

Gods terrible voice in the city!

Vincent, Thomas, (2012)

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