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Mile End Library open 24/7

Monday 27 Feb to Friday 9 June 2017

During 24/7 demand for study places will be high, therefore please come and speak to a member of staff if you are having any difficulty in finding a place to study.

We expect all library users to act responsibly during 24/7 and be considerate of staff and other students adhering to the Library Regulations/Guidelines at all times.

Security Staff

Please treat the security team with respect and courtesy. They are unable to check Library accounts or answer circulation queries.  If you have any problems taking out a book, logging into an e-resource or with your account please contact Library staff by emailing and your email will be dealt with as soon as possible during staffed hours.

No ID Card No Access

You need your QM University ID card to gain access to the Library.  This is especially important during Self-Service hours when Security staff will be on duty. There are no exceptions.  


Security will patrol the Library at regular intervals throughout the day.  They will be checking that users are being considerate of their colleagues and using the library for study purposes only.  If required, please be prepared to produce your ID card. 

Desk Clearing

In order to ensure the availability of desks and to minimise the reservation of study spaces, Security will be clearing desks of bags, coats and equipment that has been left 1 hour or more. 

All material is taken to a secure area on the Ground Floor. Valuables such as laptops, mobile phones, glasses etc. may be taken to the campus Security office.  If you return to your desk and find your belongings are not there a yellow Desk Clearing Note will be on the desk.  Please take this to the Welcome Desk on the Ground Floor to recover your items.   


Students who use any of the facilities within the library are expected to comply with the rules applying to the particular zone and also be considerate of other students in the zone you are working in. Any users whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable by a member of library or security staff may be asked to leave.

You have a choice of 3 different zones:

Silent zone
Quiet zone
Discussion zone

Food and Drink 

Lidded hot and cold drinks are allowed. Cold snacks are also acceptable on the Ground Floor only. Due to hygiene issues, hot food is not allowed in the Library. This includes food that is normally eaten hot. Please do not bring it into the Library as you will be asked to leave with your food.

Other food areas on campus where you can eat your food can be found here

During 24/7 the Learning Cafe will be open:

Monday-Friday 09:00-22:00
Weekend 12:00-21:00


Please treat the Library cleaning team with courtesy and respect.  Regular cleaning will take place and it may cause some disruption to your studies but please be patient with staff as they are working to make the Library a clean and pleasant space for you to work and study in.

Remember to help keep your library clean by putting all rubbish in the bins provided.


Throughout the day Library staff will fill the printers with paper and change toners if required. They will also refill before they leave and handover to Security. Security staff unfortunately will not be able to fix paper jams or other problems and these will be dealt with when Library staff return. Remember that printers are available on all floors of the library and also in Canalside and The Hive. Check opening hours here.  

Staff Meeting Rooms 

Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 on the 2nd Floor will be open to students from 17:00 Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday until 08:00 Monday morning.


Don’t be tempted to spend every hour in the library during 24/7.  Please plan your studies and regular breaks.  A good night’s sleep is essential!  (BTW no sleeping in the Library!)

Study Well 

Tips from your Student Union on study methods, good revision habits, relaxation techniques and a full list of QMSU 24/7 supportive events can be found here.

Information about writing and study guidance available on the Learning Development website

Personal Belongings

It is your responsibility to look after your belongings.  Please do not leave your belongings unattended.   If you need a break away from your desk it is advised that you take your valuables with you or leave them with a friend.  Security staff patrol the library on a regular basis but the onus is on you to take care of your possessions.  If you have any problems please seek help and advice at the Welcome Desk.

Personal Safety 

If you are planning on studying late, you should consider and plan your journey home before you leave the Library. For tips on how to ‘stay safe’ please see the QMUL Security Service Personal Safety Guide.



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