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Banking Beyond Banks and Money A Guide to Banking Services in the Twenty-first Century

Perony, Nicolas.; Pelizzon, Loriana.; Aste, Tomaso.; Tasca, Paolo.; -(2016)

Restoring financial stability : how to repair a failed system

Acharya, Viral V.; Richardson, Matthew, (2009)

Symbolic misery

Stiegler, Bernard,

Energy law and sustainable development

Bradbrook, Adrian J.; Ottinger, Richard L. (2003)

The felon

Irwin, John, (1970)

Chroniques des temps consensuels

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

Unleashing demons

Oliver, Craig.(2017)

Energy law

Klass, Alexandra B.,

East Anglia

Lee, J. R.

Inside organizations : anthropologists at work

Gellner, David N.; Hirsch, Eric, (2001)

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

La haine de la démocratie

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

Stone age economics

Sahlins, Marshall,

Tolley's yellow tax handbook 2016-17

Redston, Anne.; -(2016)

Practicing culture

Calhoun, Craig J., (2007)

To our friends

Hurley, Robert,

Newgate : London's prototype of hell

Halliday, Stephen.(2007)

Comparative contract law

Monateri, P. G.,

International handbook on the economics of energy

Evans, Joanne.; Hunt, Lester C.; -(2011)

Energy law in a nutshell

Tomain, Joseph P.,

Modeling the environment

Ford, Andrew (2010)

Code and the city

Kitchin, Rob,


Lepecki, André.; -(2012)

Images of africa

Gallagher, Julia.(2017)


Larsen, Lars Bang,

Routledge handbook of African politics

Cheeseman, Nicholas, (2013)

Magellan : der Mann und seine Tat

Zweig, Stefan, (1983)



Ideas and politics in social science research

Béland, Daniel.; Cox, Robert Henry.; -(2011)

Practical meta-analysis

Lipsey, Mark W.(2001)

Comparative public policy

Dodds, Anneliese.(2013)

The Oxford handbook of comparative politics

Boix, Carles.; Stokes, Susan Carol.; -(2007)

Style icons, vol 4: Sirens

Roberts, Paul G.

Mental Capacity Act manual

Jones, Richard M.

The politics of global regulation

Mattli, Walter.; Woods, Ngaire.; -(2009)

The Oxford handbook of economic inequality

Salverda, Wiemer.; Nolan, Brian, (2009)

The Oxford handbook of political institutions

Rhodes, R. A. W.; Binder, Sarah A.; Rockman, Bert A.; -(2006)

Research methods in business studies

Ghauri, Pervez N., (2010)

The rise and fall of modern empires

Shipway, Martin.; Levine, Philippa.; -(2013)

The anthropology of performance

Turner, Victor Witter.(1988)

Making things international,

Salter, Mark B.,

Making things international

Salter, Mark B.,

The lesbian premodern

Giffney, Noreen.; Sauer, Michelle M., (2011)

Competition, contracts and electricity markets : a new perspective

Glachant, Jean-Michel.; Finon, Dominique.; De Hauteclocque, Adrien.; -(2011)

The constitution of liberty

Hayek, Friedrich A. von (2006)

U.S. energy tax policy

Metcalf, Gilbert E.,

The prince

Machiavelli, Niccolò, (2005)

The Spanish tragedy

Kyd, Thomas, (2009)

Trans : a memoir

Jacques, Juliet,

Thomas Paine's Rights of man : a biography

Hitchens, Christopher.(2007)

The future of socialism

Crosland, Anthony, (2006)

Diagnosing the Philippine economy : toward inclusive growth

Canlas, Dante B.; Khan, Muhammad Ehsan.; Zhuang, Juzhong.; -(2011)

The Governess : An Anthology

Broughton, Trev Lynn, (1997)

Decolonizing sexualities

Bakshi, Sandeep,

Debt restructuring

Olivares-Caminal, Rodrigo,

The black flag : Peter Kropotkin on anarchism

Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, (2010)

Capitalism and freedom

Friedman, Milton,

Law and crime in the Roman world

Harries, Jill.(2007)

Socialism, utopian and scientific

Engels, Friedrich, (2008)

Public Finance

Rosen, Harvey S. (2014)

The Oxford handbook of political economy

Weingast, Barry R.; Wittman, Donald A.; -(2006)

The impact of gender quotas

Franceschet, Susan, (2012)

A modern utopia

Wells, H. G. (2005)

Irrational exuberance

Shiller, Robert J.,

Bayesian econometrics

Koop, Gary.(2003)

Party members and activists

Haute, Emilie van,

The Egyptian peasant

Ayrout, Henry Habib.(2005)

Reforming the state without changing the model of power?

Oleinik, Anton Nikholaevich, (2016)

Tort law

Finch, Emily,

The Federalist papers

Hamilton, Alexander, (2012)

Risk and the war on terror

Amoore, Louise.; Goede, Marieke de, (2008)

Robert Owen : social visionary

Donnachie, Ian(2005)

Anthropology and global counterinsurgency

Kelly, John D.; Jauregui, Beatrice.; Mitchell, Sean T.; Walton, Jeremy.; -(2010)

Feminist technology

Layne, Linda L.; Vostral, Sharra Louise, (2010)

Neoliberalising old age

Macnicol, John,

Forensic science : a very short introduction

Fraser, James Curtis, (2010)

The cooperative business movement, 1950 to the present

Battilani, Patrizia.; Schröter, Harm G., (2012)

After the globe, before the world

Walker, R. B. J.(2010)

The Oxford handbook of urban politics

Mossberger, Karen.; Clarke, Susan E., (2015)

Surveillance and democracy

Haggerty, Kevin D.; Samatas, Minas.; -(2010)

Human rights in global politics

Dunne, Timothy, (1999)

Drone warfare

Kaag, John J.,

Literature, obscenity, & law

Lewis, Felice Flanery.(1978)

The Oxford handbook of war

Lindley-French, Julian,

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