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Human rights and development in Africa

Welch, Claude Emerson.; Meltzer, Ronald I.; -(1984)

The deportation regime : sovereignty, space, and the freedom of movement

De Genova, Nicholas.; Peutz, Nathalie Mae, (2010)

European integration theory

Wiener, Antje.(2009)

Is voting for young people?

Wattenberg, Martin P.,

Exterminate all the brutes

Lindqvist, Sven, (1996)

The guide to construction arbitration

Brekoulakis, Stavros L.,

Queer in translation

Epstein, B. J.,

The impossibility of religious freedom

Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers, (2005)

A woman's work

Harman, Harriet,

The Corbyn effect

Perryman, Mark.; -

Law unlimited

Davies, Margaret

Makers & breakers : children & youth in postcolonial Africa

Honwana, Alcinda Manuel.; Boeck, Filip de.; -(2005)

The long, long life of trees

Stafford, Fiona J.,

Autoethnography as method

Chang, Heewon.(2008)

Neoliberal culture

Gilbert, Jeremy,

Understanding street-level bureaucracy

Hupe, Peter L.; Hill, Michael.; Buffat, Aurélien.; -

Cities in contemporary Africa

Murray, Martin J.; Myers, Garth Andrew.; -(2007)

International encyclopedia of political science

Badie, Bertrand.; Berg-Schlosser, Dirk.; Morlino, Leonardo, (2011)

Nickel and dimed

Ehrenreich, Barbara.(2010)

The art of being ruled

Lewis, Wyndham, (1989)

The law of insolvency

Fletcher, Ian F.,

Research methods for law

McConville, Michael,

Collected works

Marx, Karl, (1996)

International trade law

Pauwelyn, Joost,

The law of investment treaties

Salacuse, Jeswald W.,

Group identity in the renaissance world

Wojciehowski, Hannah Chapelle,

Gone with the wind

Taylor, Helen,

Research design in political science : how to practice what they preach

Gschwend, Thomas.; Schimmelfennig, Frank, (2007)

Movement parties against austerity

Della Porta, Donatella,

Crowds and party

Dean, Jodi,

Early humans

Ashton, Nick,

Bomb culture

Nuttall, Jeff.(1968)

Banking Beyond Banks and Money A Guide to Banking Services in the Twenty-first Century

Perony, Nicolas.; Pelizzon, Loriana.; Aste, Tomaso.; Tasca, Paolo.; -(2016)

Restoring financial stability : how to repair a failed system

Acharya, Viral V.; Richardson, Matthew, (2009)

Symbolic misery

Stiegler, Bernard,

Energy law and sustainable development

Bradbrook, Adrian J.; Ottinger, Richard L. (2003)

The felon

Irwin, John, (1970)

Chroniques des temps consensuels

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

Unleashing demons

Oliver, Craig.(2017)

Energy law

Klass, Alexandra B.,

East Anglia

Lee, J. R.

Inside organizations : anthropologists at work

Gellner, David N.; Hirsch, Eric, (2001)

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

La haine de la démocratie

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

Stone age economics

Sahlins, Marshall,

Tolley's yellow tax handbook 2016-17

Redston, Anne.; -(2016)

Practicing culture

Calhoun, Craig J., (2007)

To our friends

Hurley, Robert,

Newgate : London's prototype of hell

Halliday, Stephen.(2007)

Comparative contract law

Monateri, P. G.,

International handbook on the economics of energy

Evans, Joanne.; Hunt, Lester C.; -(2011)

Energy law in a nutshell

Tomain, Joseph P.,

Modeling the environment

Ford, Andrew (2010)

Code and the city

Kitchin, Rob,


Lepecki, André.; -(2012)

Images of africa

Gallagher, Julia.(2017)


Larsen, Lars Bang,

Routledge handbook of African politics

Cheeseman, Nicholas, (2013)

Magellan : der Mann und seine Tat

Zweig, Stefan, (1983)



Ideas and politics in social science research

Béland, Daniel.; Cox, Robert Henry.; -(2011)

Practical meta-analysis

Lipsey, Mark W.(2001)

Comparative public policy

Dodds, Anneliese.(2013)

The Oxford handbook of comparative politics

Boix, Carles.; Stokes, Susan Carol.; -(2007)

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