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The constitution of liberty

Hayek, Friedrich A. von (2006)

U.S. energy tax policy

Metcalf, Gilbert E.,

The prince

Machiavelli, Niccolò, (2005)

The Spanish tragedy

Kyd, Thomas, (2009)

Trans : a memoir

Jacques, Juliet,

Thomas Paine's Rights of man : a biography

Hitchens, Christopher.(2007)

The feminine mystique

Friedan, Betty.(2013)

The future of socialism

Crosland, Anthony, (2006)

Diagnosing the Philippine economy : toward inclusive growth

Canlas, Dante B.; Khan, Muhammad Ehsan.; Zhuang, Juzhong.; -(2011)

The Governess : An Anthology

Broughton, Trev Lynn, (1997)

Decolonizing sexualities

Bakshi, Sandeep,

Debt restructuring

Olivares-Caminal, Rodrigo,

The black flag : Peter Kropotkin on anarchism

Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, (2010)

Capitalism and freedom

Friedman, Milton,

Law and crime in the Roman world

Harries, Jill.(2007)

Socialism, utopian and scientific

Engels, Friedrich, (2008)

Public Finance

Rosen, Harvey S. (2014)

The Oxford handbook of political economy

Weingast, Barry R.; Wittman, Donald A.; -(2006)

The impact of gender quotas

Franceschet, Susan, (2012)

A modern utopia

Wells, H. G. (2005)

Irrational exuberance

Shiller, Robert J.,

Bayesian econometrics

Koop, Gary.(2003)

Party members and activists

Haute, Emilie van,

The Egyptian peasant

Ayrout, Henry Habib.(2005)

Reforming the state without changing the model of power?

Oleinik, Anton Nikholaevich, (2016)

Tort law

Finch, Emily,

The Federalist papers

Hamilton, Alexander, (2012)

Risk and the war on terror

Amoore, Louise.; Goede, Marieke de, (2008)

Robert Owen : social visionary

Donnachie, Ian(2005)

Anthropology and global counterinsurgency

Kelly, John D.; Jauregui, Beatrice.; Mitchell, Sean T.; Walton, Jeremy.; -(2010)

Feminist technology

Layne, Linda L.; Vostral, Sharra Louise, (2010)

Neoliberalising old age

Macnicol, John,

Forensic science : a very short introduction

Fraser, James Curtis, (2010)

The cooperative business movement, 1950 to the present

Battilani, Patrizia.; Schröter, Harm G., (2012)

After the globe, before the world

Walker, R. B. J.(2010)

The Oxford handbook of urban politics

Mossberger, Karen.; Clarke, Susan E., (2015)

Surveillance and democracy

Haggerty, Kevin D.; Samatas, Minas.; -(2010)

Human rights in global politics

Dunne, Timothy, (1999)

Drone warfare

Kaag, John J.,

Literature, obscenity, & law

Lewis, Felice Flanery.(1978)

Ethnography : principles in practice

Hammersley, Martyn.(2007)

The Oxford handbook of war

Lindley-French, Julian,

The Oxford handbook of juvenile crime and juvenile justice

Feld, Barry C.; Bishop, Donna M.; -(2012)


More, Thomas,

Eating animals

Foer, Jonathan Safran, (2010)

Drone theory

Chamayou, Grégoire,

Digital marketing

Chaffey, Dave,

Rational choice and political power

Dowding, Keith M.(1991)

Qualitative research

Silverman, David,

The Political classics : Hamilton to Mill

Forsyth, Murray Greensmith.; Keens-Soper, H. M. A.; Hoffman, John, (1993)

EU law

Kirk, Ewan.(2016)

Collateral and financial plumbing

Singh, Manmohan, (2014)

Environmental impact assessment

Tromans, Stephen.(2012)

Studying public policy

Hill, Michael J.

Public management and governance

Bovaird, A. G.; Löffler, Elke.; -

Energy law

Heffron, Raphael J.,

Becoming Jane Jacobs

Laurence, Peter L.,

Guerrilla warfare

Guevara, Ernesto, (2009)


Lyons, Dan.(2016)



Rape : a South African nightmare

Gqola, Pumla Dineo(2015)

Evolution and Victorian culture

Lightman, Bernard V.,

Emergence of a free press

Levy, Leonard W. (2004)

One nation, two cultures

Himmelfarb, Gertrude.(2001)

How the trading floor really works

Duhon, Terri Lynn, (2012)

The Art of War / Sun Tzu

Sun Tzǔ, 6th cent. B.C.

The smut peddlers

Kilpatrick, James Jackson, (1961)

Manhattan for rent, 1785-1850

Blackmar, Elizabeth, (1989)

The African Criminal Court : a commentary on the Malabo Protocol

Werle, Gerhard.; Vormbaum, Moritz.; -(2016)

Investment science

Luenberger, David G., (2009)

Democracy against domination

Rahman, K. Sabeel,

The euro and the battle of ideas

Brunnermeier, Markus Konrad,

India uninc.

Vaidyanathan, R.,

New perspectives on Malthus

Mayhew, Robert J.

Speech and harm : controversies over free speech

Maitra, Ishani.; McGowan, Mary Kathryn, (2012)

American communism in crisis, 1943-1957

Starobin, Joseph R. (1972)

The modern American military

Kennedy, David M.,

Gay power : an American revolution

Eisenbach, David.(2006)

Women and Wealth in late Medieval Europe

Earenfight, T. (ed.)(2011)

London labour and the London poor

Mayhew, Henry, (2008)

Early political writings

Comte, Auguste, (1998) 2.0

Sunstein, Cass R.(2007)

Modern politics

James, C. L. R. (2013)

Free speech after 9/11

Gelber, Katharine,

Der Oesterreicher in Zahlen

Kerck, Erich L.

Postkoloniale Schweiz : Formen und Folgen eines Kolonialismus ohne Kolonien

Purtschert, Patricia.; Lüthi, Barbara.; Falk, Francesca.; -

Trump : the art of the deal

Trump, Donald, (1988)

Family fortunes

Davidoff, Leonore.(2002)

The city reader

LeGates, Richard T.; Stout, Frederic,

Rivers of Europe

Tockner, Klement.(2009)

The idea of justice

Sen, Amartya, (2010)

Liberalism and social action

Dewey, John, (1999)

Free speech in the good war

Steele, Richard W.(1999)

Transitional justice theories

Buckley-Zistel, Susanne,

The migration-development nexus

Sørensen, Ninna Nyberg.; Van Hear, Nicholas.; -(2003)

Intergenerational space

Vanderbeck, Robert M.; Worth, Nancy.; -

G.W.F. Hegel--political writings

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, (1999)

Women, Islam, and Abbasid identity

El-Cheikh, Nadia Maria.

Free speech in its forgotten years

Rabban, David M., (1998)

Dance and politics

Mills, Dana.(2016)

Islam and politics

Mandaville, Peter G.,

Legal guide for the visual artist

Crawford, Tad, (2010)

Glamour : women, history, feminism

Dyhouse, Carol, (2011)

Freedom under Lincoln

Sprague, Dean.(1965)

Democracies and the populist challenge

Mény, Yves.; Surel, Yves.; -(2002)

Married love

Stopes, Marie Carmichael, (2008)

Trade Mark Law in Europe

Mühlendahl, Alexander von,

Applied principles of hydrology

Manning, John C. (1997)

American political trials

Belknap, Michal R.; -(1994)

The harm in hate speech

Waldron, Jeremy.(2012)

Comparative constitutional law

Ginsburg, Tom.; Dixon, Rosalind.; -(2012)

On alien rule and self-government

Plamenatz, John Petrov, (1960)


More, Thomas,

Dear Dr. Stopes : sex in the 1920s

Stopes, Marie Carmichael, (1978)

Novos rumos da prova pericial

Menezes, Paula Bezerra de,

Our work, our lives, our words : women's history and women's work

Davidoff, Leonore.; Westover, Belinda.; -(1986)

A guide to econometrics

Kennedy, Peter, (2008)

Skills for lawyers 2016/2017

Elkington, Annabel,

Porn archives

Dean, Tim,

Conflicts of law and morality

Greenawalt, Kent, (1987)


Acemoglu, Daron (2016)

Morality, harm, and the law

Dworkin, Gerald, (1994)

Karl Marx : greatness and illusion

Stedman Jones, Gareth,

Econometrics by example

Gujarati, Damodar N.,

Disability aesthetics

Siebers, Tobin.(2010)

Political parties and legislative party switching

Heller, William B.; Mershon, Carol.; -(2009)

Handbook of economic growth

Aghion, Philippe,

Corporate finance

Parrino, Robert,

Violence and subjectivity

Das, Veena.; -(2000)

Transnational law of public contracts

Audit, Mathias.; Schill, Stefan.; -(2014)

Partnership and LLP law

Morse, Geoffrey,

A short guide to risk appetite

Hillson, David, (2012)

Family law

Standley, Kate.(2013)

Reflections on violence

Keane, John, (1996)

The mind managers

Schiller, Herbert I.,

Core statutes on family law 2016-17

Burton, Frances.(2016)

Children, the modern law

Bainham, Andrew,

Medicine, patients and the law

Brazier, Margaret.(2016)

EU copyright law : a commentary

Stamatoudi, Irini A.,

Private members' bills

Marsh, David C. (1988)

Rebels and Whips

Jackson, Robert J.


Urry, John.

Comparative law

Siems, Mathias M.,

Mental Health Act manual / by Richard M. Jones

Jones, Richard M. (Richard Martin), 1945- (2016)

Advertising cultures

Malefyt, Timothy Dwight deWaal.; Moeran, Brian.; -(2003)

Work on trial : Canadian labour law struggles

Fudge, Judy.; Tucker, Eric, (2010)

Geopolitics : an introductory reader

Dittmer, Jason.; Sharp, Jo.; -

Anthropology in the margins of the state

Das, Veena.; Poole, Deborah.; -(2004)

Chinese business law

Bu, Yuanshi.; -(2010)

A century of constitutional reform

Norton, Philip.; -(2011)

Human geography : the basics

Jones, Andrew, (2012)

The people, place, and space reader

Gieseking, Jen Jack.; -

Geographies of globalisation : a demanding world

Barnett, Clive.; Robinson, Jennifer, (2008)

The invention of law in the West

Schiavone, Aldo.(2012)

Performers' rights

Arnold, Richard,

Where animals talk : West African folklore tales

Nassau, Robert Hamill, (1912)

Wall Street : a cultural history

Fraser, Steve, (2006)

Hollywood and the law

McDonald, Paul,

Disagreements of the jurists : a manual of Islamic legal theory

Nuʻmān ibn Muḥammad, Abū Ḥanīfah,

Gender and popular culture

Milestone, Katie.(2012)

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