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Adey, Peter,


Tunnacliffe, Alan H.(1981)

Hamiltonian dynamics

Vilasi, Gaetano.(2001)

Aberrations of optical systems

Welford, W. T.(1986)

Astronomical optics

Schroeder, D. J., (2000)

Gravity and strings

Ortín, Tomás,

Optical physics

Lipson, A. (2011)

Core level spectroscopy of solids

Groot, Frank de, (2008)

The Physics of solids

Ketterson, J. B.


Emin, D. (2013)

Dynamics of the liquid state

Balucani, U. (1994)

Understanding voltammetry

Compton, R. G.(2011)

Plasma physics : an introduction

Fitzpatrick, Richard,

British regional geology : London and the Thames Valley

Sumbler, M. G.; Sherlock, Robert Lionel, (1996)

XAFS techniques for catalysts, nanomaterials, and surfaces

Iwasawa, Yasuhiro.; Asakura, Kiyotaka.; Tada, Mizuki.; -

Introduction to polymer chemistry

Carraher, Charles E.,

Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms

Soltis, Douglas E.; -(2005)

The voyage of the Beagle

Darwin, Charles, (1989)

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