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Physics,Chemistry and Biology

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Understanding voltammetry

Compton, R. G.(2011)

Plasma physics : an introduction

Fitzpatrick, Richard,

British regional geology : London and the Thames Valley

Sumbler, M. G.; Sherlock, Robert Lionel, (1996)

XAFS techniques for catalysts, nanomaterials, and surfaces

Iwasawa, Yasuhiro.; Asakura, Kiyotaka.; Tada, Mizuki.; -

Introduction to polymer chemistry

Carraher, Charles E.,

Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms

Soltis, Douglas E.; -(2005)

The voyage of the Beagle

Darwin, Charles, (1989)

The domestic dog

Serpell, James,

Big questions in ecology and evolution

Sherratt, Thomas N.(2009)

Conservation and the genetics of populations

Allendorf, Frederick William.(2013)

Ex situ plant conservation : supporting species survival in the wild

Guerrant, Edward O.; Havens-Young, Kayri.; Maunder, Mike.; -(2004)

Introduction to conservation genetics

Frankham, Richard, (2010)

Lichen biology

Nash, Thomas H., (2008)

The evolution of plants

Willis, K. J.,

Insect-fungal associations : ecology and evolution

Vega, Fernando E.; Blackwell, Meredith.; -(2005)

The craft of research

Booth, Wayne C.,

The herbarium handbook

Bridson, Diane M.; Forman, Leonard.; -(1998)

Space physics

Russell, C. T.

Lichens of North America

Brodo, Irwin M.(2001)

Data mining in crystallography

Hofmann, Detlef W. M.; Kuleshova, Liudmila N.; Apostolakis, J. (2010)

A primer of ecology

Gotelli, Nicholas J., (2008)


Brusca, Richard C.,

Python for bioinformatics

Bassi, Sebastian.(2010)

The Milky Way as a galaxy

Gilmore, Gerry, (1990)

The new scientific spirit

Bachelard, Gaston, (1984)

Gravitational waves

Maggiore, Michele.(2008)

Insect symbiosis

Bourtzis, Kostas.; Miller, Thomas A.; -

Bioinformatics data skills

Buffalo, Vince, (2015)

Community ecology

Morin, Peter Jay, (2011)

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