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Physics,Chemistry and Biology

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Science : a history, 1543-2001

Gribbin, John R.(2003)

The geese of Beaver Bog

Heinrich, Bernd, (2004)

General chemistry

McQuarrie, Donald A.

Principles of modern chemistry

Oxtoby, David W.(2016)


Parry, Bronwyn,

A-level chemistry

Ramsden, E. N.(2014)

The cell as a machine

Sheetz, Michael P.,

Fundamentals of physics

Halliday, David, (2014)

Basic concepts of chemistry

Malone, Leo J., (2013)

Incommensurate crystallography

Smaalen, Sander van.(2007)

Evolution, the extended synthesis

Pigliucci, Massimo, (2010)

Understanding physics

Mansfield, Michael, (2011)

Advanced Physics

Duncan, Tom, (2000)

Introduction to physics

Cutnell, John D.,


Breithaupt, Jim,

Elementary particle physics in a nutshell

Tully, Christopher G., (2011)

Black holes in higher dimensions

Horowitz, Gary T., (2012)

Parasites in social insects

Schmid-Hempel, Paul.(1998)

The other insect societies

Costa, James T., (2006)

Evolution of the insects

Grimaldi, David A.(2005)

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