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Medicine and Dentistry

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Essentials of the human brain

Nolte, John.(2010)

Medicine and social justice : essays on the distribution of health care

Rhodes, Rosamond.; Battin, M. Pabst.; Silvers, Anita.; -(2012)

Lecture notes

McKay, Gerard A.; Walters, Matthew R.; -(2013)

Clinical pharmacology

Bennett, P. N.(2012)

ABC of dermatology

Morris-Jones, Rachael,

Color atlas of pharmacology

Lüllmann, Heinz,

Exploring parliament

Leston-Bandeira, Cristina.

Mosby's dental dictionary

Avery, David R.; Chen, Tabitha.; -


Whalen, Karen,

Principles of medical pharmacology

Kalant, Harold.; Grant, Denis M. (2007)

Introduction to epidemiology

Carneiro, Ilona(2017)

Cultural perspectives on reproductive health

Obermeyer, Carla Makhlouf.; -(2001)

Cardiac pacing and ICDs

Ellenbogen, Kenneth A.,

Fundamental neuroscience

Squire, Larry R.; -(2013)

Obstetrics & gynecology

Callahan, Tamara L.,

Essential neuroscience

Siegel, Allan,

The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry

Liebgott, Bernard(2017)

Comparative health policy

Blank, Robert H.,

Oxford handbook of clinical surgery

McLatchie, Greg R.; Borley, Neil R.; Chikwe, Joanna.; -(2013)

Standards in dentistry

Eaton, Kenneth A.; -(2006)

Medical law & ethics

Pattinson, Shaun D., (2017)

Physiology secrets

Raff, Hershel, (2003)

Blood disorders in the elderly

Balducci, Lodovico.; Ershler, William B.; De Gaetano, Giovanni.; -(2008)

G protein-coupled receptors : from structure to function

Giraldo, Jesús.; Pin, Jean-Philippe.; -(2011)

Williams hematology

Kaushansky, Kenneth,

Viruses and human cancer

Chang, Mei Hwei.(2016)

Lewin's genes XII

Krebs, Jocelyn E.,

Trauma and orthopaedics at a glance

Willmott, Henry, (2016)

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