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Medicine and Dentistry

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Oxford handbook of clinical surgery

McLatchie, Greg R.; Borley, Neil R.; Chikwe, Joanna.; -(2013)

Essential public health : theory and practice

Gillam, Stephen.; Yates, Jan.; Badrinath, Padmanabhan.; -(2012)

Berne & Levy Physiology

Koeppen, Bruce M.,


Battista, Elisabetta.(2012)

Human subjects research regulation : perspectives on the future

Cohen, I. Glenn.; Lynch, Holly Fernandez.; -

Color atlas of sexual assault

Girardin, Barbara W.; -(1997)

The moral brain : a multidisciplinary perspective

Decety, Jean.; Wheatley, Thalia,

Immunopharmacology / Manzoor M. Khan

Khan, Manzoor M.(2014)

Principles of immunopharmacology

Nijkamp, Franciscus Petrus, (2011)

Bodies across borders : the global circulation of body parts, medical tourists and professionals

Parry, Bronwyn.; Greenhough, Beth.; Brown, Tim.; Dyck, Isabel.; -

Guide to the FRCA examination : the final

Nightingale, Peter, (2008)

Clinical forensic medicine

McLay, W. D. S.; -(2009)

Knight's forensic pathology

Saukko, Pekka J., (2016)

Simpson's forensic medicine

McGovern, Cliona,

Current practice in forensic medicine

Gall, John A. M.; Payne-James, Jason.; -(2011)

Age estimation in the living : the practitioners guide

Black, Sue M.; Aggrawal, Anil.; Payne-James, Jason.; -(2010)

Oxford handbook of forensic medicine

Wyatt, Jonathan P.; -(2011)

Principles of medical law

Laing, Judith M.,

Sinus floor elevation procedures

Katsuyama, Hideaki.(2011)

Circumpolar health atlas

Young, T. Kue.; Rawat, Rajiv.; -(2012)

Stochastic methods in neuroscience

Laing, Carlo.; Lord, Gabriel J.; -(2010)

Clinical guide to oral surgery

Renton, Tara.(2013)

Mental health, race and culture

Fernando, Suman.(2010)

Oxford Handbook of Midwifery

Medforth, Janet.(2017)

Textbook of diabetes

Holt, Richard I. G.,

Oxford handbook of paediatrics

Tasker, Robert C. (2013)

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry

Foye, William O.; Lemke, Thomas L.; Williams, David A., (2013)

Handbook of psychophysiology

Cacioppo, John T.,

Principles of anatomy and physiology

Tortora, Gerard J.(2011)

Diagnostic nuclear medicine

Sandler, Martin P.; -(2003)

Oxford handbook of practical drug therapy

Richards, Duncan.; Richards, Duncan. (2011)

Exploring research

Salkind, Neil J.(2014)

Oxford handbook of ophthalmology

Denniston, Alastair K. O.,

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