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Maths and Computer Science

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Elementary linear algebra

Larson, Ron, (2013)


Abbott, Edwin Abbott, (2010)

Applied combinatorics

Tucker, Alan, (2012)

Deep learning

Goodfellow, Ian,

Peirce's logic of continuity

Zalamea, Fernando,

Nonlinear systems

Khalil, Hassan K., (2014)

College algebra

Spiegel, Murray R.,

Probability and statistics

Spiegel, Murray R.

Partial differential equations

DuChateau, Paul.(2011)

Schaum's outline of beginning calculus

Mendelson, Elliott.(2008)

Differential equations

Bronson, Richard,

C++ primer

Lippman, Stanley B.(2013)

The R book

Crawley, Michael J.

Software engineering

Sommerville, Ian, (2016)

Java enterprise best practices

Eckstein, Robert.; -(2002)

Python 101 / Michael Driscoll

Driscoll, Michael.

Cloud computing

Ruparelia, Nayan,

EJB 3 in action

Panda, Debu,

The Docker book

Turnbull, James.(2014)

Markov chains

Norris, J. R. (1998)

A beautiful mind

Nasar, Sylvia.

Geometry, topology, and physics

Nakahara, Mikio.(2003)

Intro stats

Bock, David E.(2014)

Python for dummies

Maruch, Stef(2006)

Learning Python

Lutz, Mark,

Eigenvalues of matrices

Chaitin-Chatelin, Françoise.(2012)

The nature of code

Shiffman, Daniel.(2012)

Köthe-Bochner function spaces

Lin, Pei-Kee, (2004)

Topics in optimal transportation

Villani, Cédric, (2003)

The chemistry maths book

Steiner, Erich, (2008)

Machine learning in action

Harrington, Peter.(2011)

Design and analysis of experiments

Hinkelmann, Klaus, (2012)

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