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Bayesian time series models

Barber, David, (2011)

Representations of algebraic groups

Jantzen, Jens Carsten.(2003)

Learning in graphical models

Jordan, Michael Irwin, (1999)

Thinking in systems : a primer

Meadows, Donella H.(2008)

Tensors : geometry and applications

Landsberg, J. M.(2012)

Incompleteness in the land of sets

Fitting, Melvin, (2007)

New approaches to classes and concepts

Robering, Klaus.; -(2008)

Proof-theoretical coherence

Došen, Kosta.(2004)

Foundations of the formal sciences : the history of the concept of the formal sciences

Löwe, Benedikt.; Peckhaus, Volker.; Räsch, Thoralf.; -(2006)

Inconsistent geometry

Mortensen, Chris.(2010)

Proof-theoretic semantics

Francez, Nissim,

Philosophical aspects of symbolic reasoning in early modern mathematics

Heeffer, Albrecht.; Van Dyck, Maarten.; -(2010)

Introductory combinatorics

Brualdi, Richard A.(2010)

Modern algebra : an introduction

Durbin, John R.(2008)

Applied numerical analysis using MATLAB

Fausett, Laurene V.(2008)

Elementary linear algebra

Larson, Ron, (2013)


Abbott, Edwin Abbott, (2010)

Applied combinatorics

Tucker, Alan, (2012)

Deep learning

Goodfellow, Ian,

Peirce's logic of continuity

Zalamea, Fernando,

Nonlinear systems

Khalil, Hassan K., (2014)

College algebra

Spiegel, Murray R.,

Probability and statistics

Spiegel, Murray R.

Partial differential equations

DuChateau, Paul.(2011)

Schaum's outline of beginning calculus

Mendelson, Elliott.(2008)

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