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Mai 68, l'héritage impossible

Le Goff, Jean-Pierre, (2006)

Why we can't wait

JR., Martin Luther King,(2018)

Cairo : my city, our revolution

Soueif, Ahdaf.(2012)

Judios de Avila

León Tello, Pilar.(1963)

Introducing global issues

Snarr, Michael T.,

Joothan : an untouchable's life

Vālmīki, Omaprakāśa, (2003)

The Jews of early modern Venice

Davis, Robert C. (2001)

The Jewish state

Herzl, Theodor,

Globalizing American studies

Edwards, Brian T., (2010)

Forward movement of the fourteenth century

Utley, Francis Lee.(2016)

Hard choices

Clinton, Hillary Rodham,

Russia : the story of war

Carleton, Gregory,

Memory Ireland

Frawley, Oona.; -

Muslims in Eastern Europe

Račius, Egdūnas,

The Russian Empire 1450-1801

Kollmann, Nancy Shields,

The Whig world, 1760-1837

Mitchell, L. G. (2007)

Women in British politics, 1760-1860 : the power of the petticoat

Gleadle, Kathryn.; Richardson, Sarah, (2000)

Latin America since the left turn

Falleti, Tulia Gabriela,

Zambia shall be free : an autobiography

Kaunda, Kenneth D. (1962)

Medgar Evers : Mississippi martyr

Williams, Michael Vinson, (2011)

The souls of black folk

Du Bois, W. E. B. (2008)

Oceanic histories

Armitage, David,

An intellectual history of the Caribbean

Torres-Saillant, Silvio.(2006)

Haitian history : new perspectives

Sepinwall, Alyssa Goldstein, (2012)

Russia in 1913

Dowler, Wayne, (2010)

The world the Civil War made

Downs, Gregory P.,

Patrick Pearse : the triumph of failure

Edwards, Ruth Dudley.(2006)

History and histories in the Caribbean

Bremer, Thomas.; Fleischmann, Ulrich.; -

Making war in Côte d'Ivoire

McGovern, Mike.(2011)

Wir Strebermigranten

Smechowski, Emilia,

Paul Revere's ride

Fischer, David Hackett,

Age of Garvey

Ewing, Adam.(2016)

The Caribbean : a history of the region and its peoples

Palmié, Stephan.; Scarano, Francisco A. (2011)

States of Ireland

O'Brien, Conor Cruise,

My life, our times

Brown, Gordon.(2017)

The world's war

Olusoga, David,

The Black Jacobins reader

Forsdick, Charles,

Subaltern studies X : writings on South Asian history and society

Bhadra, Gautam.; Prakash, Gyan.; Tharu, susie.; -(1999)

Modern Asia and Africa,

McNeill, William Hardy, (1971)

Tamerlane : the life of the great Amir

Ibn ʻArabshāh, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad,

On another man's wound

O'Malley, Ernie,

The philosophy of Irish Ireland

Moran, David Patrick, (2006)

Pepys's later diaries

Pepys, Samuel, (2004)

On royalty

Paxman, Jeremy, (2006)

Pepys and the navy

Knighton, C. S.(2003)

Easter 1916 : the Irish Rebellion

Townshend, Charles.(2015)

The rising : Ireland--Easter 1916

McGarry, Fearghal.(2010)

Return to Cold War

Legvold, Robert,

India in Africa : changing geographies of power

Mawdsley, Emma.; McCann, Gerard.; -(2011)

Edging toward Iberia

Dangler, Jean,

Honour in African history

Iliffe, John.(2005)

Israel's occupation

Gordon, Neve, (2008)

Russia's empires

Kivelson, Valerie A.

Destroying a nation Civil war in Syria

Dam, Nikolaos van(2017)

The good immigrant

Shukla, Nikesh,

Funk the erotic : transaesthetics and black sexual cultures

Stallings; Horton-Stallings, LaMonda; -

Bloomsbury. Beyond the establishment

Ingleby, Matthew.(2017)

Syria : descent into the abyss

Cockburn, Patrick.; Fisk, Robert.; Sengupta, Kim.; -

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