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The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2014)

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2006)

Robert Doisneau, 1912-1994

Gautrand, Jean-Claude.(2012)

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2004)

History of the Surrealist movement

Durozoi, Gérard.(2002)

Women and the victorian occult

Kontou, Tatiana.; -(2015)

The Live Art almanac

Keidan, Lois.; -(2011)

A social history of knowledge

Burke, Peter, (2012)

Augustine of Hippo : a biography

Brown, Peter, (2000)

God in the Enlightenment

Bulman, William J.,

The Live Art Almanac

Brine, Daniel.; -(2008)

Chandigarh is in India

Jhaveri, Shanay,

Alevism as an ethno-religious identity : contested boundaries

Jenkins, Celia; Aydın, Suavi; Cetin, Umit; -

Managing stress

Joseph, Kate

The city of God


Picturing Iran : art, society and revolution

Gumpert, Lynn.; Balaghi, Shiva.; -(2002)

Action in perception

Noë, Alva(2004)

Être singulier pluriel

Nancy, Jean-Luc,

English puritanism 1603-1689

Spurr, John.(1998)

Live art almanac : volume 4

Curtis, Harriet.; Keidan, Lois.; Wright, Aaron.; -(2016)

The affect theory reader

Gregg, Melissa, (2010)

Making literature now

Hungerford, Amy,

The Oxford handbook of algorithmic music

Dean, R. T.; McLean, Alex,

How to write a thesis

Murray, Rowena,

Nancy and visual culture

Giunta, Carrie,

The architecture of failure

Murphy, Douglas.(2012)

Lee Lozano : not working

Applin, Jo.(2018)

Foucault's last decade

Elden, Stuart,

Foucault on painting

Soussloff, Catherine M.,


Salvato, Nick,

The Sinthome

Lacan, Jacques,

Richard Long : a line made by walking

Roelstraete, Dieter.(2010)

D.I.Y. too

Daniels, Robert Jude,


Daniels, Robert Jude,

General idea : Imagevirus

Bordowitz, Gregg.(2010)

La leçon d'Althusser

Rancière, Jacques.(2011)

Eloge de l'amour

Badiou, Alain.(2016)

L'etre et l'evenement

Badiou, Alain.(1988)

Accumulated vision : Barry Le Va

Le Va, Barry, (2005)

I-D : i-D covers 1980-2010

Jones, Terry, (2010)

An invitation to cognitive science

Osherson, Daniel N.; Gleitman, Lila R.; Liberman, Mark.; -(1995)


Stein, Gertrude, (1984)

Mephistopheles : the Devil in the modern world

Russell, Jeffrey Burton.(1986)


Luther, Martin. (1987)

Malaise dans l'esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2004)

L'inconscient esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2001)

Fonctions de la peinture

Léger, Fernand, (1996)

Retour à Reims

Eribon, Didier,

Animism in art and performance

Braddock, Christopher,

Magic and medieval society

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne,

Survival of the sickest : the art of Martin O'Brien

O'Brien, Martin.; MacDiarmid, David.; -


Roitman, Janet L.

Mapping Benjamin : the work of art in the digital age

Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich.; Marrinan, Michael.; -(2003)

Sincerity and authenticity

Trilling, Lionel,

12 rules for life

Peterson, Jordan B.,

Oxford and Cambridge

Brooke, Christopher, (1988)

Shades of black : assembling black arts in 1980s Britain

Bailey, David A.; Baucom, Ian, (2005)

Fear : a cultural history

Bourke, Joanna.(2006)

Simulacra and simulation

Baudrillard, Jean, (1994)

The man without content

Agamben, Giorgio, (1999)

Educational documents, 800-1816

Sylvester, D. W. (1970)

What is the history of emotions?

Rosenwein, Barbara H.,

Sacred arts of Haitian vodou

Cosentino, Donald, (1995)

Asco : elite of the obscure : a retrospective, 1972-1987

Chavoya, C. Ondine.; González, Rita.; -(2011)

Catalogue 2: Libritos, 1516-1944

Archivo de la Universidad De Santo Tomas

The scandal of scientology

Cooper, Paulette.(1971)

The logic manual

Halbach, Volker.(2010)

Kant's critiques

Kant, Immanuel, (2008)

The gist of reading

Elfenbein, Andrew,

The notebooks

Basquiat, Jean-Michel,

Kandinsky, complete writings on art

Kandinsky, Wassily, (1994)

My life

Chagall, Marc, (1994)

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