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The Routledge companion to aesthetics

Gaut, Berys Nigel.; Lopes, Dominic.; -

Children = Enfants = Kinder

Salgado, Sebastião,

The Gothic

Williams, Gilda.; -(2007)


Groom, Amelia,

A dialogue on consciousness

Alter, Torin Andrew, (2009)

Design and art

Coles, Alex, (2007)

The dialectic of duration

Bachelard, Gaston,


Beshty, Walead,

Foucault and animals

Chrulew, Matthew,

The logic of fiction

Woods, John (2009)

Symbolic knowledge from Leibniz to Husserl

Casanave, Abel Lassalle. (2012)

Logic is not mathematical

Slater, Barry Hartley, (2011)

Pedagogy of the oppressed

Freire, Paulo.(2017)


Davies, Tony, (2008)

The many sides of logic

Carnielli, Walter A. (2009)

Decolonizing dialectics

Ciccariello-Maher, George,

The Cambridge companion to Brentano

Jacquette, Dale.; -(2004)

Gutai : decentering modernism

Tiampo, Ming.(2011)

Philosophy of logic : an anthology

Jacquette, Dale.; -(2002)

The Victorian governess

Hughes, Kathryn.(2001)

From postwar to postmodern : art in Japan, 1945-1989

Chong, Doryun.; Hayashi, Michio.; Kajiya, Kenji.; Sumityomo, Fumihiko.; -(2013)

The sublime

Shaw, Philip A.,

Intuition of the instant

Bachelard, Gaston, (2013)

Zhang Huan ash

Zhang, Huan, (2007)


B, Franko.(2003)

Work ethic

Molesworth, Helen Anne.(2003)

Leigh Bowery

Violette, Robert.; Bowery, Leigh.; -(1998)

The varieties of reference

Evans, Gareth, (1982)

On criticism

Carroll, Noël, (2009)

Models of teaching

Joyce, Bruce R.

Thomas More

Paul, Joanne,

Learning how to learn

Novak, Joseph Donald.(1984)

Classical philosophy

Adamson, Peter,

Annotation and its texts

Barney, Stephen A.; -(1991)

The two cultures

Snow, C. P. (1998)

A theory of education

Novak, Joseph Donald.(1977)

The new Cambridge history of the Bible

Marsden, Richard, (2012)

Ulay life-sized


Environmental sound artists : in their own words

Bianchi, Frederick W.; Manzo, V. J.; -

Pest management : a practical guide

Pinniger, David, (2008)

Counselling skills in everyday life

Geldard, Kathryn.(2003)

Robert Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg, Robert,

The Oxford handbook of rationality

Mele, Alfred R., (2004)

Fragments of a poetics of fire

Bachelard, Gaston, (1990)

The young Hegelians : an anthology

Stepelevich, Lawrence S., (1999)

Illumination in Islamic mysticism

Abū al-Mawāhib, al-Shādhilī, (1938)

Wittgenstein : a feminist interpretation

Tanesini, Alessandra.(2004)

Nine ways of seeing a body

Reeve, Sandra.(2011)

How the body shapes the mind

Gallagher, Shaun, (2005)


Hyman, Timothy.(2000)

Research methods in education

Cohen, Louis, (2011)

Islam : a very short introduction

Ruthven, Malise.(2012)

Architectural acoustics : principles and practice

Cavanaugh, William J.; Tocci, Gregory C.; Wilkes, Joseph A.; -(2010)

The miseducation of the Negro

Woodson, Carter Godwin, (1992)

Hip-hop revolution : the culture and politics of rap

Ogbar, Jeffrey Ogbonna Green.(2007)

Sufism for non-sufis? : Ibn ʻAṭāʼ Allāh al-Sakandarî's Tâj al-'arûs

Ibn ʻAṭāʼ Allāh, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad, (2012)

Art, trade, and culture in the Islamic world and beyond : from the Fatimids to the Mughals

Ohta, Alison.; Rogers, Michael.; Haddon, Rosalind Wade.; -(2016)

Eighth day : the transgenic art of Eduardo Kac

Britton, Sheilah.; Collins, Dan.; -(2003)

Interpreting objects and collections

Pearce, Susan M.; -(1994)

What is veiling?

Amer, Sahar,

Political Islam : a critical reader

Volpi, Frédéric.; -(2011)

What is intellectual history?

Whatmore, Richard,

Eschatologie und Hussitismus : internationales Kolloquium, Prag 1.-4. September 1993

Patschovsky, Alexander.; Šmahel, František.; Hrubý, Antonín.; -(1996)

Museums and the interpretation of visual culture

Hooper-Greenhill, Eilean, (2000)

Moses and monotheism

Freud, Sigmund, (1967)

Institutional Critique : an anthology of artists' writings

Alberro, Alexander.; Stimson, Blake.; -(2009)


Ross, W. D. (2004)

Walk through walls : a memoir

Abramovic, Marina.(2016)

Environmental psychology : putting research into practice

Edgerton, Eddie.; Romice, Ombretta Rossella Linda.; Spencer, Christopher, (2007)

A companion to museum studies

Macdonald, Sharon.; -(2011)


Shields, Christopher John.

The museum age

Bazin, Germain.(1968)

How to write a thesis

Eco, Umberto.

Studying psychology

Stevenson, Andrew, (2007)

Education in early modern England

Jewell, Helen M.(1998)


Harford, Tim,

The blind photographer

Rothenstein, Julian,

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