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Kira O'reilly Untitled - Bodies

Curtis, Harriet (2017)

Thomas More : why patron of statesmen?

Curtright Travis.(2017)

Folk song style and culture

Lomax, Alan, (1978)

The story of art

Gombrich, E. H. (1995)

Art and belief

Sullivan-Bissett, Ema,

Singular images : essays on remarkable photographs

Howarth, Sophie.; Alexander, M. Darsie.; -(2005)

Teaching Islam : textbooks and religion in the Middle East

Doumato, Eleanor Abdella.; Starrett, Gregory, (2007)


Mill, John Stuart, (1989)

Christianity and the secular

Markus, R. A. (2006)

The end of ancient Christianity

Markus, R. A. (1990)

Journal : (1979-1983)

Roubaud, Alix Cléo, (2009)

Tell them I said no

Herbert, Martin,

John Nash : a complete catalogue

Mansbridge, Michael.(2004)

Zhang Huan

Zhang, Huan,

Critique of the power of judgment

Kant, Immanuel, (2000)

Oxford and Cambridge

Brooke, Christopher, (1988)

The pig that wants to be eaten

Baggini, Julian.(2010)

Women, art and the politics of identity in eighteenth-century Europe

Hyde, Melissa Lee.; Milam, Jennifer Dawn, (2003)

Art sex music

Tutti, Cosey Fanni,


Taylor, Diana,

Sir John Soane architect

Stroud, Dorothy, (1996)

The value of the humanities

Small, Helen, (2016)


Rodwell, Warwick.; Tatton-Brown, T. W. T.; -(2015)

The Louvre, a tale of a palace

Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève.(2008)

Architectural theory

Mallgrave, Harry Francis.; -

Diderot on art

Diderot, Denis, (1995)

Typography papers

Stiff, Paul.; Stiff, Paul. (2009)

Islamic theology, philosophy and law : debating Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya

Krawietz, Birgit.; Tamer, Georges.; Kokoschka, Alina.; -(2013)

Introduction to metaphysics

Heidegger, Martin,

Art in the time of colony

La, Khadija Carroll.

Psychiatry and empire

Mahone, Sloan, (2007)

The art of cruelty : a reckoning

Nelson, Maggie, (2011)

What is architectural history?

Leach, Andrew, (2010)

Chapters of Erie : and other essays

Adams, Charles Francis, (2015)

Classical Islam : a sourcebook of religious literature

Calder, Norman.; Mojaddedi, J. A. (2012)

Cindy Sherman

Moorhouse, Paul,

Today's medieval university

Toswell, M.J.(2017)

Gillian Wearing

Wearing, Gillian, (2012)

Jong Afrikaner : a self portrait

Van Wyk, Roelof Petrus.

Hanging on a wire

Klaase, Sophia,

Cindy Sherman

Sherman, Cindy.; Burton, Johanna.; Owens, Craig.; -(2006)

Understanding music with AI : perspectives on music cognition

Balaban, Mira.; Ebcioğlu, Kemal.; Laske, Otto E. (1992)

Psychological science

Gazzaniga, Michael S.,

The triangle of representation

Prendergast, Christopher.(2000)

Figuring faith : images of belief in Africa

Rankin-Smith, Fiona.; -(2011)

The artist's joke

Higgie, Jennifer.; -(2007)

Music query : methods, models, and user studies

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2004)

Wireless imagination : sound, radio, and the avant-garde

Kahn, Douglas.; Whitehead, Gregory.; -(1992)

The everyday

Johnstone, Stephen.; -(2008)

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