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La leçon d'Althusser

Rancière, Jacques.(2011)

Eloge de l'amour

Badiou, Alain.(2016)

L'etre et l'evenement

Badiou, Alain.(1988)

Biographies of scientific objects

Daston, Lorraine, (2000)

Accumulated vision : Barry Le Va

Le Va, Barry, (2005)

I-D : i-D covers 1980-2010

Jones, Terry, (2010)

An invitation to cognitive science

Osherson, Daniel N.; Gleitman, Lila R.; Liberman, Mark.; -(1995)


Stein, Gertrude, (1984)

Mephistopheles : the Devil in the modern world

Russell, Jeffrey Burton.(1986)


Luther, Martin. (1987)

Malaise dans l'esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2004)

L'inconscient esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2001)

Fonctions de la peinture

Léger, Fernand, (1996)

Retour à Reims

Eribon, Didier,

Animism in art and performance

Braddock, Christopher,

Magic and medieval society

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne,

Survival of the sickest : the art of Martin O'Brien

O'Brien, Martin.; MacDiarmid, David.; -


Roitman, Janet L.

Mapping Benjamin : the work of art in the digital age

Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich.; Marrinan, Michael.; -(2003)

Sincerity and authenticity

Trilling, Lionel,

12 rules for life

Peterson, Jordan B.,

Oxford and Cambridge

Brooke, Christopher, (1988)

Shades of black : assembling black arts in 1980s Britain

Bailey, David A.; Baucom, Ian, (2005)

Fear : a cultural history

Bourke, Joanna.(2006)

Simulacra and simulation

Baudrillard, Jean, (1994)

The man without content

Agamben, Giorgio, (1999)

Educational documents, 800-1816

Sylvester, D. W. (1970)

What is the history of emotions?

Rosenwein, Barbara H.,

Sacred arts of Haitian vodou

Cosentino, Donald, (1995)

Asco : elite of the obscure : a retrospective, 1972-1987

Chavoya, C. Ondine.; González, Rita.; -(2011)

Catalogue 2: Libritos, 1516-1944

Archivo de la Universidad De Santo Tomas

The scandal of scientology

Cooper, Paulette.(1971)

The logic manual

Halbach, Volker.(2010)

Kant's critiques

Kant, Immanuel, (2008)

The gist of reading

Elfenbein, Andrew,

The notebooks

Basquiat, Jean-Michel,

Kandinsky, complete writings on art

Kandinsky, Wassily, (1994)

My life

Chagall, Marc, (1994)

Five dialogues


On reading

Kertész, André.(2008)

Thomas More : why patron of statesmen?

Curtright Travis.(2017)

Folk song style and culture

Lomax, Alan, (1978)

The story of art

Gombrich, E. H. (1995)

Art and belief

Sullivan-Bissett, Ema,

Singular images : essays on remarkable photographs

Howarth, Sophie.; Alexander, M. Darsie.; -(2005)

Teaching Islam : textbooks and religion in the Middle East

Doumato, Eleanor Abdella.; Starrett, Gregory, (2007)


Mill, John Stuart, (1989)

Christianity and the secular

Markus, R. A. (2006)

The end of ancient Christianity

Markus, R. A. (1990)

Journal : (1979-1983)

Roubaud, Alix Cléo, (2009)

Tell them I said no

Herbert, Martin,

John Nash : a complete catalogue

Mansbridge, Michael.(2004)

Zhang Huan

Zhang, Huan,

Critique of the power of judgment

Kant, Immanuel, (2000)

Oxford and Cambridge

Brooke, Christopher, (1988)

The pig that wants to be eaten

Baggini, Julian.(2010)

Women, art and the politics of identity in eighteenth-century Europe

Hyde, Melissa Lee.; Milam, Jennifer Dawn, (2003)

Art sex music

Tutti, Cosey Fanni,


Taylor, Diana,

Sir John Soane architect

Stroud, Dorothy, (1996)

The value of the humanities

Small, Helen, (2016)


Rodwell, Warwick.; Tatton-Brown, T. W. T.; -(2015)

The Louvre, a tale of a palace

Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève.(2008)

Architectural theory

Mallgrave, Harry Francis.; -

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