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The Early Short Fiction

Wharton, Edith

Theatre noise : the sound of performance

Kendrick, Lynne.; Roesner, David.; -(2011)

Short stories

Wharton, Edith, (1994)

The pit : a story of Chicago

Norris, Frank, (1994)

The bitch is back : wicked women in literature

Aguiar, Sarah Appleton, (2001)

The queue : a novel

ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, Basmah,

The conference of the birds

ʻAṭṭār, Farīd al-Dīn, (1984)


Swan, Michael, (2005)

Le français ordinaire

Gadet, Françoise.(1997)

As I lay dying

Faulkner, William, (1930)

Politique de la littérature

Rancière, Jacques.(2007)

Portrait of Hemingway

Ross, Lillian, (1999)

The road of excess

Winterbach, Ingrid.

Courts voyages au pays du peuple

Rancière, Jacques.(1990)

A pathognomy of performance

Bayly, Simon, (2011)

Nordiske sprogholdninger : en masketest

Kristiansen, Tore.; -(2006)

The death of comedy

Segal, Erich, (2001)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,

Miss Brown (1884)

Lee, Vernon, (2010)

A history of modern Chinese fiction

Hsia, Chih-tsing, (1999)

Jacques Roubaud : l'amour du nombre

Montémont, Véronique, (2004)

Romans à contraintes

Baetens, Jan, (2005)

Dickens and Victorian print cultures

Patten, Robert L.; -(2012)

Selected early poems

Symons, Arthur,

Voice and speech in the theatre

Turner, J. Clifford (2007)

This life

Schoeman, Karel.(2005)

Global Chinese literature : critical essays

Tsu, Jing.; Wang, Dewei.; -(2010)

Ernest Hemingway; a reconsideration

Young, Philip, (1966)

Television sitcom

Mills, Brett.(2005)

How to read the Victorian novel

Levine, George Lewis.(2008)

Experimental sound & radio

Weiss, Allen S., (2001)

This is not a novel

Markson, David, (2001)

The missing pieces

Lefebvre, Henri,

S O S : poems 1961-2013

Baraka, Amiri,

Clarissa : ein Romanentwurf

Zweig, Stefan, (1990)

Balzac : eine Biographie

Zweig, Stefan.(1979)

Poetry, etcetera : cleaning house

Roubaud, Jacques.(2006)

Christopher Marlowe : a Renaissance life

Kuriyama, Constance Brown, (2002)

La place

Ernaux, Annie, (1990)

Critical writings

Marinetti, F. T., (2006)

Little Dorrit

Dickens, Charles, (1996)

Refiguring the coquette : essays on culture and coquetry

King, Shelley.; Schlick, Yaël Rachel, (2008)

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres : Performance Permutations

Nielsen, Lara D.; Ybarra, Patricia.; -

Ungeduld des Herzens : roman

Zweig, Stefan, (1939)


Kelly, Dennis, (2009)

A terrible thing happened

Holmes, Margaret M., (2000)

The cinema of John Carpenter : the technique of terror

Conrich, Ian.; Woods, David.; -(2004)

The speculator

Greig, David.(1999)

On Hollywood : the place, the industry

Scott, Allen John; -(2014)

Wilkie Collins

Pykett, Lyn.(2009)

James Joyce in Context

McCourt, John, (2013)

The Routledge companion to actors' Shakespeare

Brown, John Russell.; Ewert, Kevin, (2012)

Que aventura ser Matilde

Zink, Rui.(2005)

Charles Dickens

Sanders, Andrew.(2003)

A instalacão do medo

Zink, Rui, (2013)

Samuel Beckett in context

Uhlmann, Anthony.(2013)

The great explosion

Russell, Eric Frank, (1962)

The story of French

Nadeau, Jean-Benoît.(2008)

Ezra pound in context

Nadel, Ira B.(2015)

Deu peces

Cunillé, Lluïsa, (2008)

Ernest Hemingway in context

Moddelmog, Debra A.,

Ben Jonson in context

Sanders, Julie,

Oscar Wilde in context

Powell, Kerry,

W. B. Yeats in context

Holdeman, David

Angel of oblivion

Haderlap, Maja,

The Brontës

Ingham, Patricia.(2008)

George Eliot in context

Harris, Margaret,

It can't happen here

Lewis, Sinclair,

The Time machine

Wells, H. G.

The invisible man

Wells, H. G.

The classic horror stories

Lovecraft, H. P.

King Solomon's mines

Haggard, Henry Rider (1998)

New Grub Street

Gissing, George,

Sybil, or, The two nations

Disraeli, Benjamin,

Doris Lessing

Bloom, Harold.; -(2003)

Down Second Avenue

Mphahlele, Es'kia,

Selected poems and related prose

Marinetti, F. T., (2002)

Fantasia, an Algerian cavalcade

Djebar, Assia, (1993)


Dentith, Simon.(2000)

Literature and fascination

Baumbach, Sibylle,


Mills, Sara, (2004)

Cei and the Arthurian legend

Gowans, Linda.(1988)

Theatre & race

Young, Harvey,

Look : poems

Sharif, Solmaz,

Novels in three lines

Fénéon, Félix, (2007)

The Brontës in context

Thormählen, Marianne,


Tambling, Jeremy.(2010)

Science fiction

Roberts, Adam (2006)


Philip, Marlene Nourbese, (2008)

Alfred and Emily

Lessing, Doris, (2009)


Innes, Paul, (2013)


Hall, Donald E. (2004)


Day, Aidan.(2012)


Colebrook, Claire.(2004)

Kazuo Ishiguro : new critical visions of the novels

Groes, Sebastian.; Lewis, Barry, (2011)

Theatre & feminism

Solga, Kim,

Modernism and the ordinary

Olson, Liesl.(2009)

Theatre and social media

Lonergan, Patrick,

The heavenly twins

Grand, Sarah.(2009)


Bergvall, Caroline,

Dept. of Speculation

Offill, Jenny,

The member of the wedding

McCullers, Carson, (2001)


Forster, E. M. (2005)

The man of mode

Etherege, George, (2007)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning : selected poems

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,

The rover

Behn, Aphra,

Pater the classicist : classical scholarship, reception, and aestheticism

Martindale, Charles.; Evangelista, Stefano.; Prettejohn, Elizabeth.; -(2017)

The Kenning anthology of poets theater 1945-1985

Killian, Kevin.; Brazil, David (2010)


Tóibín, Colm,


Roth, Philip.(2011)


Robinson, Marilynne.(2004)

Our souls at night

Haruf, Kent,


Bassnett, Susan.


Bachelard, Gaston, (1986)

Spiritual adventures

Symons, Arthur.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

Swinburne, Algernon Charles,

The Maximus poems

Olson, Charles, (1983)

Middle English

Strohm, Paul, (2009)

The Duchess of Malfi

Webster, John, (2014)

An actor's work

Stanislavsky, Konstantin,

The rover

Behn, Aphra, (2012)

The revenger's tragedy

Tourneur, Cyril,

The white devil

Webster, John, (2008)


Shakespeare, William,

The comedy of errors

Shakespeare, William,

A simple story

Inchbald, (1996)


Currie, Mark, (1995)

King Arthur

Bloom, Harold.; -(2004)

'N ander land

Schoeman, Karel.(2006)

Nightmare Abbey

Peacock, Thomas Love, (2016)

Swanson on Swanson

Swanson, Gloria, (1981)

Thérèse Raquin

Zola, Émile,

La curée

Zola, Émile, (1981)

Crotchet castle

Peacock, Thomas Love,


Koltès, Bernard-Marie.(2009)

Une part de ma vie : entretiens (1983-1989)

Koltès, Bernard-Marie. (2010)

Père Goriot

Balzac, Honoré de,

Configuring romanticism : essays offered to C.C. Barfoot

Haen, Theo d'.; Liebregts, P. Th. M. G.; Tigges, Wim.; Ewen, Colin J.; Barfoot, C. C.; -(2003)

The theatre of Tennessee Williams

Williams, Tennessee,


Rose-Innes, Henrietta,


Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, (1970)

Performance art

Nuttall, Jeff.(1979)

The portrait of a lady

James, Henry, (1996)

Handbook of media economics

Anderson, Simon P,

Animation in the middle east

Stefanie Van De Peer.(2016)

The philosophy of horror

Fahy, Thomas Richard.; -

Jacobean drama

Aebischer, Pascale.(2010)

Theatre & violence

Nevitt, Lucy,

Collected papers

Evans, Gareth, (1985)

World philology

Pollock, Sheldon I.,

The languages of global hip-hop

Terkourafi, Marina.; -(2010)

The war body on screen

Randell, Karen.; Redmond, Sean, (2012)

The languages of urban Africa

Mc Laughlin, Fiona.; -(2009)

Companion to Arthurian literature

Fulton, Helen, (2012)

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