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E.T.A. Hoffmanns Leben und Nachlass

Hitzig, Julius Eduard, (1986)

Geschichte der abgeschnittenen Hand

Held, Wolfgang, (1994)

Über Dichtung und Dichter : Essays

Eliot, Thomas Stearns.(1988)

Plays, 1

Shange, Ntozake.(1992)

Dead roots: poems

Nortje, Arthur, (1973)

Gone with the wind

Mitchell, Margaret,

Notes and counter notes

Ionesco, Eugène.(1964)

Shakespeare inside : the Bard behind bars

Scott-Douglass, Amy.(2007)

Postcolonial cinema studies

Ponzanesi, Sandra.; Waller, Marguerite R.; -(2011)

Decadence and the senses

Desmarais, Jane

Selected poems

Marson, Una.(2011)

The absurd in literature

Cornwell, Neil.(2006)

Narrative and becoming

Askin, Ridvan,

Laundry man

Needham, Jake.(2012)

Anger, mercy, revenge

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, (2010)

World cinemas, transnational perspectives

Ďurovičová, Nataša.; -(2010)

A cultural history of theatre

Balme, Christopher.; Davis, Tracy C.; -(2017)

Monzó : com triomfar a la vida

Guillamon, Julià.; -(2009)

The long life

Small, Helen.(2007)

The end of Eddy

Louis, Édouard,

East is East

Khan-Din, Ayub.(1997)

A raisin in the sun

Hansberry, Lorraine, (2009)

Black lives, black words

Edmund, Reginald.; Younis, Madani.; Hodge-Dallaway, Simeilia.; -

Jane austen, the secret radical

Kelly, Helena.(2016)

An octoroon

Jacobs-Jenkins, Branden,

Reading the early modern passions : essays in the cultural history of emotion

Paster, Gail Kern.; Rowe, Katherine.; Floyd-Wilson, Mary.; -(2004)

Station eleven

Mandel, Emily St. John,

The fifth season

Jemisin, N. K.,


Adebayo, Mojisola.(2011)

Black beach & other plays

Teare, Jeff.; Coca, Jordi, (2008)

Contemporary African plays

Plastow, Jane.; Banham, Martin.; -(1999)

Get started in Latin

Sharpley, G. D. A.(2010)

Genre, gender, race, and world cinema

Codell, Julie F.; -(2007)

Theatre & voice

Thomaidis, Konstantinos,

The garden in Victorian literature

Waters, Michael.(1988)

Media studies : a reader / edited by Sue Thornham, Caroline Bassett and Paul Marris

Thornham, Sue.; Bassett, Caroline.; Marris, Paul.; -(2009)

Gender and the media

Gill, Rosalind (2007)

Literature & place, 1800-2000

Brown, Peter, (2008)

Medieval and early modern authorship

Bolens, Guillemette.; Erne, Lukas.; -(2011)

Alfred Hitchcock's America

Pomerance, Murray, (2013)

A short chronology of world cinema

Grunes, Dennis.(2010)

The hole in the wall

Morrison, Arthur.(2008)

Edward Hopper : poems

Farrés, Ernest.(2010)

Narration as argument

Olmos, Paula,

Heroines of popular culture

Browne, Pat.; -(1987)

Applied theatre : creative ageing

McCormick, Sheila.; -

Quim Monzó

Camps, Christian.; Galvez, Jordi.; -

A companion to the American short story

Bendixen, Alfred.; Nagel, James.; -(2010)

Divine Songs

Watts, Isaac

Introductory phonology

Hayes, Bruce, (2009)

New collected poems

Oppen, George.(2008)

Atlantic island

Duvert, Tony,

Andrew Marvell poems : a casebook

Pollard, Arthur.; -(1980)

Midsummer night madness

O'Faoláin, Seán, (1980)

Political discourse analysis

Fairclough, Norman, (2012)

Theatre noise : the sound of performance

Kendrick, Lynne.; Roesner, David.; -(2011)

Short stories

Wharton, Edith, (1994)

The pit : a story of Chicago

Norris, Frank, (1994)

The bitch is back : wicked women in literature

Aguiar, Sarah Appleton, (2001)

The queue : a novel

ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, Basmah,

The conference of the birds

ʻAṭṭār, Farīd al-Dīn, (1984)


Swan, Michael, (2005)

Le français ordinaire

Gadet, Françoise.(1997)

As I lay dying

Faulkner, William, (1930)

Politique de la littérature

Rancière, Jacques.(2007)

Portrait of Hemingway

Ross, Lillian, (1999)

The road of excess

Winterbach, Ingrid.

Courts voyages au pays du peuple

Rancière, Jacques.(1990)

A pathognomy of performance

Bayly, Simon, (2011)

Nordiske sprogholdninger : en masketest

Kristiansen, Tore.; -(2006)

The death of comedy

Segal, Erich, (2001)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,

Miss Brown (1884)

Lee, Vernon, (2010)

A history of modern Chinese fiction

Hsia, Chih-tsing, (1999)

Jacques Roubaud : l'amour du nombre

Montémont, Véronique, (2004)

Romans à contraintes

Baetens, Jan, (2005)

Dickens and Victorian print cultures

Patten, Robert L.; -(2012)

Selected early poems

Symons, Arthur,

Voice and speech in the theatre

Turner, J. Clifford (2007)

This life

Schoeman, Karel.(2005)

Global Chinese literature : critical essays

Tsu, Jing.; Wang, Dewei.; -(2010)

Ernest Hemingway; a reconsideration

Young, Philip, (1966)

Television sitcom

Mills, Brett.(2005)

How to read the Victorian novel

Levine, George Lewis.(2008)

Experimental sound & radio

Weiss, Allen S., (2001)

This is not a novel

Markson, David, (2001)

The missing pieces

Lefebvre, Henri,

S O S : poems 1961-2013

Baraka, Amiri,

Clarissa : ein Romanentwurf

Zweig, Stefan, (1990)

Balzac : eine Biographie

Zweig, Stefan.(1979)

Poetry, etcetera : cleaning house

Roubaud, Jacques.(2006)

Christopher Marlowe : a Renaissance life

Kuriyama, Constance Brown, (2002)

La place

Ernaux, Annie, (1990)

Critical writings

Marinetti, F. T., (2006)

Little Dorrit

Dickens, Charles, (1996)

Refiguring the coquette : essays on culture and coquetry

King, Shelley.; Schlick, Yaël Rachel, (2008)

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres : Performance Permutations

Nielsen, Lara D.; Ybarra, Patricia.; -

Ungeduld des Herzens : roman

Zweig, Stefan, (1939)


Kelly, Dennis, (2009)

A terrible thing happened

Holmes, Margaret M., (2000)

The cinema of John Carpenter : the technique of terror

Conrich, Ian.; Woods, David.; -(2004)

The speculator

Greig, David.(1999)

On Hollywood : the place, the industry

Scott, Allen John; -(2014)

Wilkie Collins

Pykett, Lyn.(2009)

James Joyce in Context

McCourt, John, (2013)

The Routledge companion to actors' Shakespeare

Brown, John Russell.; Ewert, Kevin, (2012)

Que aventura ser Matilde

Zink, Rui.(2005)

Charles Dickens

Sanders, Andrew.(2003)

A instalacão do medo

Zink, Rui, (2013)

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