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E.T.A. Hoffmanns Leben und Nachlass

Hitzig, Julius Eduard, (1986)

Geschichte der abgeschnittenen Hand

Held, Wolfgang, (1994)

Über Dichtung und Dichter : Essays

Eliot, Thomas Stearns.(1988)

Human rights and development in Africa

Welch, Claude Emerson.; Meltzer, Ronald I.; -(1984)

Plays, 1

Shange, Ntozake.(1992)

Russia's empires

Kivelson, Valerie A.

Destroying a nation Civil war in Syria

Dam, Nikolaos van(2017)

The good immigrant

Shukla, Nikesh,

The deportation regime : sovereignty, space, and the freedom of movement

De Genova, Nicholas.; Peutz, Nathalie Mae, (2010)

Dead roots: poems

Nortje, Arthur, (1973)

Gone with the wind

Mitchell, Margaret,

Notes and counter notes

Ionesco, Eugène.(1964)

Williams hematology

Kaushansky, Kenneth,

Zhang Huan

Zhang, Huan,

Shakespeare inside : the Bard behind bars

Scott-Douglass, Amy.(2007)

Critique of the power of judgment

Kant, Immanuel, (2000)

Viruses and human cancer

Chang, Mei Hwei.(2016)

Funk the erotic : transaesthetics and black sexual cultures

Stallings; Horton-Stallings, LaMonda; -

Postcolonial cinema studies

Ponzanesi, Sandra.; Waller, Marguerite R.; -(2011)

Decadence and the senses

Desmarais, Jane

European integration theory

Wiener, Antje.(2009)

Is voting for young people?

Wattenberg, Martin P.,

Selected poems

Marson, Una.(2011)

Exterminate all the brutes

Lindqvist, Sven, (1996)

Bloomsbury. Beyond the establishment

Ingleby, Matthew.(2017)

The absurd in literature

Cornwell, Neil.(2006)

Oxford and Cambridge

Brooke, Christopher, (1988)

The pig that wants to be eaten

Baggini, Julian.(2010)

Women, art and the politics of identity in eighteenth-century Europe

Hyde, Melissa Lee.; Milam, Jennifer Dawn, (2003)

Narrative and becoming

Askin, Ridvan,

Syria : descent into the abyss

Cockburn, Patrick.; Fisk, Robert.; Sengupta, Kim.; -

Art sex music

Tutti, Cosey Fanni,

Laundry man

Needham, Jake.(2012)

The guide to construction arbitration

Brekoulakis, Stavros L.,

SQL for dummies

Taylor, Allen G.(2013)

Anger, mercy, revenge

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, (2010)

Queer in translation

Epstein, B. J.,

World cinemas, transnational perspectives

Ďurovičová, Nataša.; -(2010)

A cultural history of theatre

Balme, Christopher.; Davis, Tracy C.; -(2017)

Monzó : com triomfar a la vida

Guillamon, Julià.; -(2009)


Taylor, Diana,

The impossibility of religious freedom

Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers, (2005)

The long life

Small, Helen.(2007)

The end of Eddy

Louis, Édouard,

East is East

Khan-Din, Ayub.(1997)

A woman's work

Harman, Harriet,

A raisin in the sun

Hansberry, Lorraine, (2009)

Black lives, black words

Edmund, Reginald.; Younis, Madani.; Hodge-Dallaway, Simeilia.; -

The Corbyn effect

Perryman, Mark.; -

Parasites in social insects

Schmid-Hempel, Paul.(1998)

Jane austen, the secret radical

Kelly, Helena.(2016)

Discrete mathematics

Johnsonbaugh, Richard, (2014)

An octoroon

Jacobs-Jenkins, Branden,

Big data : does size matter?

Harkness, Timandra,

Law unlimited

Davies, Margaret

The other insect societies

Costa, James T., (2006)

Reading the early modern passions : essays in the cultural history of emotion

Paster, Gail Kern.; Rowe, Katherine.; Floyd-Wilson, Mary.; -(2004)

Sir John Soane architect

Stroud, Dorothy, (1996)

Station eleven

Mandel, Emily St. John,

The fifth season

Jemisin, N. K.,

Probability essentials

Jacod, Jean.(2003)


Adebayo, Mojisola.(2011)

Black beach & other plays

Teare, Jeff.; Coca, Jordi, (2008)

Makers & breakers : children & youth in postcolonial Africa

Honwana, Alcinda Manuel.; Boeck, Filip de.; -(2005)

Trauma and orthopaedics at a glance

Willmott, Henry, (2016)

The long, long life of trees

Stafford, Fiona J.,

The value of the humanities

Small, Helen, (2016)

Autoethnography as method

Chang, Heewon.(2008)


Rodwell, Warwick.; Tatton-Brown, T. W. T.; -(2015)

Contemporary African plays

Plastow, Jane.; Banham, Martin.; -(1999)

Neoliberal culture

Gilbert, Jeremy,

Get started in Latin

Sharpley, G. D. A.(2010)

C primer plus

Prata, Stephen,

A history of mathematics

Merzbach, Uta C.,

Evolution of the insects

Grimaldi, David A.(2005)

The Louvre, a tale of a palace

Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève.(2008)

Architectural theory

Mallgrave, Harry Francis.; -

Genre, gender, race, and world cinema

Codell, Julie F.; -(2007)

Gynaecology by ten teachers

Bickerstaff, Helen,

Theatre & voice

Thomaidis, Konstantinos,

The garden in Victorian literature

Waters, Michael.(1988)

Diderot on art

Diderot, Denis, (1995)

Media studies : a reader / edited by Sue Thornham, Caroline Bassett and Paul Marris

Thornham, Sue.; Bassett, Caroline.; Marris, Paul.; -(2009)

Typography papers

Stiff, Paul.; Stiff, Paul. (2009)

Islamic theology, philosophy and law : debating Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya

Krawietz, Birgit.; Tamer, Georges.; Kokoschka, Alina.; -(2013)

Obstetrics by ten teachers

Kenny, Louise C.

Understanding street-level bureaucracy

Hupe, Peter L.; Hill, Michael.; Buffat, Aurélien.; -

Learning PostgreSQL

Salahaldin Juba, Achim Vannahme, Andrey Volkov.

Gender and the media

Gill, Rosalind (2007)

Cities in contemporary Africa

Murray, Martin J.; Myers, Garth Andrew.; -(2007)

Literature & place, 1800-2000

Brown, Peter, (2008)

Medieval and early modern authorship

Bolens, Guillemette.; Erne, Lukas.; -(2011)

International encyclopedia of political science

Badie, Bertrand.; Berg-Schlosser, Dirk.; Morlino, Leonardo, (2011)

London : a life in maps

Whitfield, Peter,

Israel : a history

Shapira, Anita,

The Arab-Israeli conflict

Schulze, Kirsten E.,

Alfred Hitchcock's America

Pomerance, Murray, (2013)

Pepys and his contemporaries

Ollard, Richard Lawrence.(2015)

Introduction to AI robotics

Murphy, Robin R.(2000)

Contemporary politics in the Middle East

Milton-Edwards, Beverley.(2011)

Introduction to metaphysics

Heidegger, Martin,

A short chronology of world cinema

Grunes, Dennis.(2010)

Nickel and dimed

Ehrenreich, Barbara.(2010)

The Islamic world

Rippin, Andrew, (2010)

Graph theory

Diestel, Reinhard,

Leukaemia diagnosis

Bain, Barbara J.,

Springer handbook of robotics

Siciliano, Bruno.; Khatib, Oussama.; -

The hole in the wall

Morrison, Arthur.(2008)

The art of being ruled

Lewis, Wyndham, (1989)

The law of insolvency

Fletcher, Ian F.,

Edward Hopper : poems

Farrés, Ernest.(2010)

Research methods for law

McConville, Michael,

Collected works

Marx, Karl, (1996)

International trade law

Pauwelyn, Joost,

The broken spears : the Aztec account of the Conquest of Mexico

León Portilla, Miguel.; Klor de Alva, José Jorge.; Garibay K., Angel María (2006)

Researching medical education

Cleland, Jennifer A.,

The law of investment treaties

Salacuse, Jeswald W.,

The conquest of the Sahara

Porch, Douglas.(2005)

The Indian Mutiny of 1857

Malleson, G. B. (1998)

Art in the time of colony

La, Khadija Carroll.

A history of Saudi Arabia

Al-Rasheed, Madawi.(2010)

Narration as argument

Olmos, Paula,

Heroines of popular culture

Browne, Pat.; -(1987)

Group identity in the renaissance world

Wojciehowski, Hannah Chapelle,

Applied theatre : creative ageing

McCormick, Sheila.; -

Principles and practice of surgery

Garden, O. James.; Parks, Rowan W.; -(2018)

A short history of the Mughal Empire

Fisher, Michael Herbert,

Psychiatry and empire

Mahone, Sloan, (2007)

The body in bioethics

Campbell, Alastair V.(2006)

Russian Revolution : hope, tragedy, myths

Rogatchevskaia, Ekaterina,

Illustrated textbook of paediatrics

Lissauer, Tom.; Carroll, Will.; -(2018)

Suma y narración de los incas

Betanzos, Juan de, (1987)

The London encyclopaedia

Hibbert, Christopher, (2008)

The heritage reader

Fairclough, G. J.

Quim Monzó

Camps, Christian.; Galvez, Jordi.; -

A companion to the American short story

Bendixen, Alfred.; Nagel, James.; -(2010)

Gone with the wind

Taylor, Helen,

The art of cruelty : a reckoning

Nelson, Maggie, (2011)

Contented dementia

James, Oliver, (2009)

Understanding the politics of heritage

Harrison, Rodney, (2010)

Research design in political science : how to practice what they preach

Gschwend, Thomas.; Schimmelfennig, Frank, (2007)

Bodies in conflict : corporeality, materiality, and transformation

Cornish, Paul; Saunders, Nicholas J.; -(2014)

Divine Songs

Watts, Isaac

The Plague and the Fire;

Leasor, James.(1966)

Janeway's immunobiology

Murphy, Kenneth

Introductory phonology

Hayes, Bruce, (2009)

Movement parties against austerity

Della Porta, Donatella,

Crowds and party

Dean, Jodi,

Early humans

Ashton, Nick,

Dark medicine : rationalizing unethical medical research

LaFleur, William R.; Böhme, Gernot.; Shimazono, Susumu, (2008)

New collected poems

Oppen, George.(2008)

What is architectural history?

Leach, Andrew, (2010)

Guided mindfulness meditation

Kabat-Zinn, Jon.(2010)

Atlantic island

Duvert, Tony,

British approved names 2017

British Pharmacopoeia Commission,

Andrew Marvell poems : a casebook

Pollard, Arthur.; -(1980)

Midsummer night madness

O'Faoláin, Seán, (1980)

Bomb culture

Nuttall, Jeff.(1968)

Political discourse analysis

Fairclough, Norman, (2012)

Life in the Georgian city

Cruickshank, Dan.(1990)

Admiral Zheng He & Southeast Asia

Suryadinata, Leo.; -(2005)


Adey, Peter,

Theatre noise : the sound of performance

Kendrick, Lynne.; Roesner, David.; -(2011)

Sobranie sochineniĭ V.S. Solovʹeva

Solovyov, Vladimir Sergeyevich, (1966)

V rozovom bleske

Remizov, Aleksei.(1969)

Aleksandr I i dekabristy

Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich, (1955)

Sobrannie sochinenii

Mandelʹshtam, Osip,

Osip Mandelstam selected poems

Mandel shtam, Osip, (1983)

Chapter 42, and, The goldfinch, and other poems

Mandelʹshtam, Nadezhda, (1973)

Moi͡a literaturnai͡a sudʹba : avtobiografii͡a

Leontʹev, Konstantin Nikolaevich, (1965)

Spasibo za vnimanie : iumoristicheskie rasskazý

Laskin, Boris Savel'evich.(1972)

Vremi͡a : stikhi i poėmy

Antokolʹskiĭ, Pavel, (1973)

Egipetskiĭ golub' : Ditia dushi

Leontʹev, Konstantin

Otets Kliment Zedergol'm : Ieromonakh Optinoi Pustyni

Leont'ev, Konstantin Nikolaevich.(1978)

Krylia : povest v trekh chastiakh

Kuzmin, Mikhail Alekseevich, (1979)

Short stories

Wharton, Edith, (1994)


Muller, Stephanus,

Chapters of Erie : and other essays

Adams, Charles Francis, (2015)

The pit : a story of Chicago

Norris, Frank, (1994)

The bitch is back : wicked women in literature

Aguiar, Sarah Appleton, (2001)

The queue : a novel

ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, Basmah,

Oxford handbook of clinical surgery

McLatchie, Greg R.; Borley, Neil R.; Chikwe, Joanna.; -(2013)

Essential public health : theory and practice

Gillam, Stephen.; Yates, Jan.; Badrinath, Padmanabhan.; -(2012)

Readings in medieval history

Geary, Patrick J.,

The conference of the birds

ʻAṭṭār, Farīd al-Dīn, (1984)

Classical Islam : a sourcebook of religious literature

Calder, Norman.; Mojaddedi, J. A. (2012)

Cindy Sherman

Moorhouse, Paul,

Today's medieval university

Toswell, M.J.(2017)


Swan, Michael, (2005)

Banking Beyond Banks and Money A Guide to Banking Services in the Twenty-first Century

Perony, Nicolas.; Pelizzon, Loriana.; Aste, Tomaso.; Tasca, Paolo.; -(2016)

Law in mediaeval life and thought

King, Edward B.; Ridyard, Susan J. (1990)

Restoring financial stability : how to repair a failed system

Acharya, Viral V.; Richardson, Matthew, (2009)

Gillian Wearing

Wearing, Gillian, (2012)

Jong Afrikaner : a self portrait

Van Wyk, Roelof Petrus.

Hanging on a wire

Klaase, Sophia,

Cindy Sherman

Sherman, Cindy.; Burton, Johanna.; Owens, Craig.; -(2006)

Medicine and modern warfare

Cooter, Roger.; Harrison, Mark, (1999)


Hames, B. D.(2011)

Development of the nervous system

Sanes, Dan Harvey.(2000)

Berne & Levy Physiology

Koeppen, Bruce M.,

Understanding music with AI : perspectives on music cognition

Balaban, Mira.; Ebcioğlu, Kemal.; Laske, Otto E. (1992)

Symbolic misery

Stiegler, Bernard,

Psychological science

Gazzaniga, Michael S.,


Tunnacliffe, Alan H.(1981)

Le français ordinaire

Gadet, Françoise.(1997)

Hamiltonian dynamics

Vilasi, Gaetano.(2001)

As I lay dying

Faulkner, William, (1930)

Energy law and sustainable development

Bradbrook, Adrian J.; Ottinger, Richard L. (2003)

Politique de la littérature

Rancière, Jacques.(2007)

The triangle of representation

Prendergast, Christopher.(2000)

The felon

Irwin, John, (1970)

Portrait of Hemingway

Ross, Lillian, (1999)

Figuring faith : images of belief in Africa

Rankin-Smith, Fiona.; -(2011)

The artist's joke

Higgie, Jennifer.; -(2007)

The road of excess

Winterbach, Ingrid.

Courts voyages au pays du peuple

Rancière, Jacques.(1990)

Chroniques des temps consensuels

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

A pathognomy of performance

Bayly, Simon, (2011)

Music query : methods, models, and user studies

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2004)

Nordiske sprogholdninger : en masketest

Kristiansen, Tore.; -(2006)

Unleashing demons

Oliver, Craig.(2017)

Wireless imagination : sound, radio, and the avant-garde

Kahn, Douglas.; Whitehead, Gregory.; -(1992)

The everyday

Johnstone, Stephen.; -(2008)

The Hindu heritage of Pakistan

Shāh, Ṣafdar ʻAlī,

Churches of Pakistan

Shāh, Ṣafdar ʻAlī,

The Sikh heritage of Pakistan

Shāh, Ṣafdar ʻAlī,

Terahertz physics

Lewis, R. A. (2012)

Energy law

Klass, Alexandra B.,


Battista, Elisabetta.(2012)

The death of comedy

Segal, Erich, (2001)

East Anglia

Lee, J. R.

Inside organizations : anthropologists at work

Gellner, David N.; Hirsch, Eric, (2001)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,

Miss Brown (1884)

Lee, Vernon, (2010)

Alfred Lyttelton, an account of his life / by Edith Lyttelton

Lyttelton, Edith (Edith Sophy Balfour), 1865-

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

A history of modern Chinese fiction

Hsia, Chih-tsing, (1999)

Policing Chinese politics : a history

Dutton, Michael Robert.(2005)

An intellectual history of modern China

Goldman, Merle.; Lee, Leo Ou-fan.; -(2002)

La haine de la démocratie

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

Jacques Roubaud : l'amour du nombre

Montémont, Véronique, (2004)

Romans à contraintes

Baetens, Jan, (2005)

Dickens and Victorian print cultures

Patten, Robert L.; -(2012)


Jones, Amelia,

Selected early poems

Symons, Arthur,

Stone age economics

Sahlins, Marshall,


Martin, G. Neil,


Steeds, Lucy,

A companion to the premodern Apocalypse

Ryan, Michael A.; -(2015)


Ramos, Filipa,

Aberrations of optical systems

Welford, W. T.(1986)

Voice and speech in the theatre

Turner, J. Clifford (2007)

This life

Schoeman, Karel.(2005)

Global Chinese literature : critical essays

Tsu, Jing.; Wang, Dewei.; -(2010)

Submicron porous materials

Bettoti, Paolo (2017)

Ernest Hemingway; a reconsideration

Young, Philip, (1966)

Astronomical optics

Schroeder, D. J., (2000)

Laughter : a scientific investigation

Provine, Robert R.(2001)

Television sitcom

Mills, Brett.(2005)

How to read the Victorian novel

Levine, George Lewis.(2008)

Operatic afterlives

Grover-Friedlander, Michal.(2011)

Rhythm science

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid.(2004)

Experimental sound & radio

Weiss, Allen S., (2001)

Machine models of music

Schwanauer, Stephan M.; Levitt, David A.; -(1993)

John Cage

Robinson, Julia E., (2011)

The virtual score : representation, retrieval, restoration

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2001)

Music analysis East and West

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2006)


Dillon, Brian, (2011)

Gravity and strings

Ortín, Tomás,

Optical physics

Lipson, A. (2011)

Foundations of psychology

Hayes, Nicky.(2000)

Core level spectroscopy of solids

Groot, Frank de, (2008)

Tolley's yellow tax handbook 2016-17

Redston, Anne.; -(2016)

Practicing culture

Calhoun, Craig J., (2007)

The conscious mind

Torey, Zoltan,

Music and probability

Temperley, David.(2010)

This is not a novel

Markson, David, (2001)

The missing pieces

Lefebvre, Henri,

Cognitive pluralism

Horst, Steven W.,

Against facts

Betti, Arianna,

S O S : poems 1961-2013

Baraka, Amiri,

The techno-human condition

Allenby, Braden R.,

To our friends

Hurley, Robert,

Human subjects research regulation : perspectives on the future

Cohen, I. Glenn.; Lynch, Holly Fernandez.; -

Bayesian time series models

Barber, David, (2011)

Clarissa : ein Romanentwurf

Zweig, Stefan, (1990)

Balzac : eine Biographie

Zweig, Stefan.(1979)


Sloterdijk, Peter,

Poetry, etcetera : cleaning house

Roubaud, Jacques.(2006)


Roads, Curtis, (2001)

Laughter : notes on a passion

Parvulescu, Anca.(2010)

Christopher Marlowe : a Renaissance life

Kuriyama, Constance Brown, (2002)

The Physics of solids

Ketterson, J. B.

Representations of algebraic groups

Jantzen, Jens Carsten.(2003)


Hawkins, Harriet,

Violent modernity : France in Algeria

Hannoum, Abdelmajid, (2010)


Field, Tiffany.

La place

Ernaux, Annie, (1990)


Emin, D. (2013)

The ancient phonograph

Butler, Shane,


Agamben, Giorgio,

The origins of music

Wallin, Nils Lennart.; Merker, Björn.; Brown, Steven, (2000)

Moral psychology

Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter,

Color atlas of sexual assault

Girardin, Barbara W.; -(1997)

The moral brain : a multidisciplinary perspective

Decety, Jean.; Wheatley, Thalia,

Racism and migrant labour

Miles, Robert, (1982)

Critical writings

Marinetti, F. T., (2006)

Little Dorrit

Dickens, Charles, (1996)

Refiguring the coquette : essays on culture and coquetry

King, Shelley.; Schlick, Yaël Rachel, (2008)

Representations of musical signals

De Poli, Giovanni.; Piccialli, Aldo.; Roads, Curtis.; -(1991)

The revolt of the masses

Ortega y Gasset, José, (1985)

Immunopharmacology / Manzoor M. Khan

Khan, Manzoor M.(2014)

Newgate : London's prototype of hell

Halliday, Stephen.(2007)

Principles of immunopharmacology

Nijkamp, Franciscus Petrus, (2011)

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres : Performance Permutations

Nielsen, Lara D.; Ybarra, Patricia.; -

Comparative contract law

Monateri, P. G.,


Kastner, Jeffrey.; -(2012)

Learning in graphical models

Jordan, Michael Irwin, (1999)

The studio

Hoffmann, Jens, (2012)


Farr, Ian,

International handbook on the economics of energy

Evans, Joanne.; Hunt, Lester C.; -(2011)


Doherty, Claire.; -(2009)


Cook, Sarah,

Ungeduld des Herzens : roman

Zweig, Stefan, (1939)

Energy law in a nutshell

Tomain, Joseph P.,


Kelly, Dennis, (2009)

Modeling the environment

Ford, Andrew (2010)

Between the world and me

Coates, Ta-Nehisi,

I am not your negro

Baldwin, James,

Code and the city

Kitchin, Rob,

Thinking in systems : a primer

Meadows, Donella H.(2008)


Lepecki, André.; -(2012)


Le Feuvre, Lisa.; -(2010)


Iversen, Margaret.; -(2010)

The market

Degen, Natasha,


Beech, Dave.; -(2009)


Batchelor, David, (2008)


Allen, Felicity, (2011)

Plastic vanitas

Neudecker, Mariele,

A terrible thing happened

Holmes, Margaret M., (2000)

Images of africa

Gallagher, Julia.(2017)

Dynamics of the liquid state

Balucani, U. (1994)


Noble, Richard,


Myers, Terry R.; -(2011)

The sublime

Morley, Simon, (2010)

The archive

Merewether, Charles.; -(2006)


McDonough, Tom,


Larsen, Lars Bang,


Lange-Berndt, Petra,

Moving image

Kholeif, Omar,


Kelly, Caleb, (2011)

The object

Hudek, Antony,


Getsy, David,


Evans, David, (2009)

The cinema of John Carpenter : the technique of terror

Conrich, Ian.; Woods, David.; -(2004)

Routledge handbook of African politics

Cheeseman, Nicholas, (2013)

The magazine

Allen, Gwen,

Magellan : der Mann und seine Tat

Zweig, Stefan, (1983)

The Routledge companion to Nazi Germany

Stackelberg, Roderick.(2007)

The third man

Mandelson, Peter.

The speculator

Greig, David.(1999)



On Hollywood : the place, the industry

Scott, Allen John; -(2014)

Bodies across borders : the global circulation of body parts, medical tourists and professionals

Parry, Bronwyn.; Greenhough, Beth.; Brown, Tim.; Dyck, Isabel.; -

Ideas and politics in social science research

Béland, Daniel.; Cox, Robert Henry.; -(2011)

Tensors : geometry and applications

Landsberg, J. M.(2012)

Polymer electronics

Geoghegan, Mark.(2013)

Guide to the FRCA examination : the final

Nightingale, Peter, (2008)

Wilkie Collins

Pykett, Lyn.(2009)

The Routledge companion to aesthetics

Gaut, Berys Nigel.; Lopes, Dominic.; -

Children = Enfants = Kinder

Salgado, Sebastião,

The Souls of Black Folk

Du Bois, W. E. B.

Understanding voltammetry

Compton, R. G.(2011)

James Joyce in Context

McCourt, John, (2013)

The Routledge companion to actors' Shakespeare

Brown, John Russell.; Ewert, Kevin, (2012)

Que aventura ser Matilde

Zink, Rui.(2005)

Charles Dickens

Sanders, Andrew.(2003)

Practical meta-analysis

Lipsey, Mark W.(2001)

Plasma physics : an introduction

Fitzpatrick, Richard,

Comparative public policy

Dodds, Anneliese.(2013)

The south in world politics

Alden, Chris.(2010)

The Gothic

Williams, Gilda.; -(2007)


Groom, Amelia,

The Oxford handbook of comparative politics

Boix, Carles.; Stokes, Susan Carol.; -(2007)

A instalacão do medo

Zink, Rui, (2013)

A dialogue on consciousness

Alter, Torin Andrew, (2009)

Clinical forensic medicine

McLay, W. D. S.; -(2009)

Design and art

Coles, Alex, (2007)

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