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The Early Short Fiction

Wharton, Edith


Adey, Peter,

Theatre noise : the sound of performance

Kendrick, Lynne.; Roesner, David.; -(2011)

Sobranie sochineniĭ V.S. Solovʹeva

Solovyov, Vladimir Sergeyevich, (1966)

V rozovom bleske

Remizov, Aleksei.(1969)

Aleksandr I i dekabristy

Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich, (1955)

Sobrannie sochinenii

Mandelʹshtam, Osip,

Osip Mandelstam selected poems

Mandel shtam, Osip, (1983)

Chapter 42, and, The goldfinch, and other poems

Mandelʹshtam, Nadezhda, (1973)

Moi͡a literaturnai͡a sudʹba : avtobiografii͡a

Leontʹev, Konstantin Nikolaevich, (1965)

Spasibo za vnimanie : iumoristicheskie rasskazý

Laskin, Boris Savel'evich.(1972)

Vremi͡a : stikhi i poėmy

Antokolʹskiĭ, Pavel, (1973)

Egipetskiĭ golub' : Ditia dushi

Leontʹev, Konstantin

Otets Kliment Zedergol'm : Ieromonakh Optinoi Pustyni

Leont'ev, Konstantin Nikolaevich.(1978)

Krylia : povest v trekh chastiakh

Kuzmin, Mikhail Alekseevich, (1979)

Short stories

Wharton, Edith, (1994)


Muller, Stephanus,

Chapters of Erie : and other essays

Adams, Charles Francis, (2015)

The pit : a story of Chicago

Norris, Frank, (1994)

The bitch is back : wicked women in literature

Aguiar, Sarah Appleton, (2001)

The queue : a novel

ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, Basmah,

Oxford handbook of clinical surgery

McLatchie, Greg R.; Borley, Neil R.; Chikwe, Joanna.; -(2013)

Essential public health : theory and practice

Gillam, Stephen.; Yates, Jan.; Badrinath, Padmanabhan.; -(2012)

Readings in medieval history

Geary, Patrick J.,

The conference of the birds

ʻAṭṭār, Farīd al-Dīn, (1984)

Classical Islam : a sourcebook of religious literature

Calder, Norman.; Mojaddedi, J. A. (2012)

Cindy Sherman

Moorhouse, Paul,

Today's medieval university

Toswell, M.J.(2017)


Swan, Michael, (2005)

Banking Beyond Banks and Money A Guide to Banking Services in the Twenty-first Century

Perony, Nicolas.; Pelizzon, Loriana.; Aste, Tomaso.; Tasca, Paolo.; -(2016)

Law in mediaeval life and thought

King, Edward B.; Ridyard, Susan J. (1990)

Restoring financial stability : how to repair a failed system

Acharya, Viral V.; Richardson, Matthew, (2009)

Gillian Wearing

Wearing, Gillian, (2012)

Jong Afrikaner : a self portrait

Van Wyk, Roelof Petrus.

Hanging on a wire

Klaase, Sophia,

Cindy Sherman

Sherman, Cindy.; Burton, Johanna.; Owens, Craig.; -(2006)

Medicine and modern warfare

Cooter, Roger.; Harrison, Mark, (1999)


Hames, B. D.(2011)

Development of the nervous system

Sanes, Dan Harvey.(2000)

Berne & Levy Physiology

Koeppen, Bruce M.,

Understanding music with AI : perspectives on music cognition

Balaban, Mira.; Ebcioğlu, Kemal.; Laske, Otto E. (1992)

Symbolic misery

Stiegler, Bernard,

Psychological science

Gazzaniga, Michael S.,


Tunnacliffe, Alan H.(1981)

Le français ordinaire

Gadet, Françoise.(1997)

Hamiltonian dynamics

Vilasi, Gaetano.(2001)

As I lay dying

Faulkner, William, (1930)

Energy law and sustainable development

Bradbrook, Adrian J.; Ottinger, Richard L. (2003)

Politique de la littérature

Rancière, Jacques.(2007)

The triangle of representation

Prendergast, Christopher.(2000)

The felon

Irwin, John, (1970)

Portrait of Hemingway

Ross, Lillian, (1999)

Figuring faith : images of belief in Africa

Rankin-Smith, Fiona.; -(2011)

The artist's joke

Higgie, Jennifer.; -(2007)

The road of excess

Winterbach, Ingrid.

Courts voyages au pays du peuple

Rancière, Jacques.(1990)

Chroniques des temps consensuels

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

A pathognomy of performance

Bayly, Simon, (2011)

Music query : methods, models, and user studies

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2004)

Nordiske sprogholdninger : en masketest

Kristiansen, Tore.; -(2006)

Unleashing demons

Oliver, Craig.(2017)

Wireless imagination : sound, radio, and the avant-garde

Kahn, Douglas.; Whitehead, Gregory.; -(1992)

The everyday

Johnstone, Stephen.; -(2008)

The Hindu heritage of Pakistan

Shāh, Ṣafdar ʻAlī,

Churches of Pakistan

Shāh, Ṣafdar ʻAlī,

The Sikh heritage of Pakistan

Shāh, Ṣafdar ʻAlī,

Terahertz physics

Lewis, R. A. (2012)

Energy law

Klass, Alexandra B.,


Battista, Elisabetta.(2012)

The death of comedy

Segal, Erich, (2001)

East Anglia

Lee, J. R.

Inside organizations : anthropologists at work

Gellner, David N.; Hirsch, Eric, (2001)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,

Miss Brown (1884)

Lee, Vernon, (2010)

Alfred Lyttelton, an account of his life / by Edith Lyttelton

Lyttelton, Edith (Edith Sophy Balfour), 1865-

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

A history of modern Chinese fiction

Hsia, Chih-tsing, (1999)

Policing Chinese politics : a history

Dutton, Michael Robert.(2005)

An intellectual history of modern China

Goldman, Merle.; Lee, Leo Ou-fan.; -(2002)

La haine de la démocratie

Rancière, Jacques.(2005)

Jacques Roubaud : l'amour du nombre

Montémont, Véronique, (2004)

Romans à contraintes

Baetens, Jan, (2005)

Dickens and Victorian print cultures

Patten, Robert L.; -(2012)


Jones, Amelia,

Selected early poems

Symons, Arthur,

Stone age economics

Sahlins, Marshall,


Martin, G. Neil,


Steeds, Lucy,

A companion to the premodern Apocalypse

Ryan, Michael A.; -(2015)


Ramos, Filipa,

Aberrations of optical systems

Welford, W. T.(1986)

Voice and speech in the theatre

Turner, J. Clifford (2007)

This life

Schoeman, Karel.(2005)

Global Chinese literature : critical essays

Tsu, Jing.; Wang, Dewei.; -(2010)

Submicron porous materials

Bettoti, Paolo (2017)

Ernest Hemingway; a reconsideration

Young, Philip, (1966)

Astronomical optics

Schroeder, D. J., (2000)

Laughter : a scientific investigation

Provine, Robert R.(2001)

Television sitcom

Mills, Brett.(2005)

How to read the Victorian novel

Levine, George Lewis.(2008)

Operatic afterlives

Grover-Friedlander, Michal.(2011)

Rhythm science

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid.(2004)

Experimental sound & radio

Weiss, Allen S., (2001)

Machine models of music

Schwanauer, Stephan M.; Levitt, David A.; -(1993)

John Cage

Robinson, Julia E., (2011)

The virtual score : representation, retrieval, restoration

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2001)

Music analysis East and West

Hewlett, Walter B.; Selfridge-Field, Eleanor.; -(2006)


Dillon, Brian, (2011)

Gravity and strings

Ortín, Tomás,

Optical physics

Lipson, A. (2011)

Foundations of psychology

Hayes, Nicky.(2000)

Core level spectroscopy of solids

Groot, Frank de, (2008)

Tolley's yellow tax handbook 2016-17

Redston, Anne.; -(2016)

Practicing culture

Calhoun, Craig J., (2007)

The conscious mind

Torey, Zoltan,

Music and probability

Temperley, David.(2010)

This is not a novel

Markson, David, (2001)

The missing pieces

Lefebvre, Henri,

Cognitive pluralism

Horst, Steven W.,

Against facts

Betti, Arianna,

S O S : poems 1961-2013

Baraka, Amiri,

The techno-human condition

Allenby, Braden R.,

To our friends

Hurley, Robert,

Human subjects research regulation : perspectives on the future

Cohen, I. Glenn.; Lynch, Holly Fernandez.; -

Bayesian time series models

Barber, David, (2011)

Clarissa : ein Romanentwurf

Zweig, Stefan, (1990)

Balzac : eine Biographie

Zweig, Stefan.(1979)


Sloterdijk, Peter,

Poetry, etcetera : cleaning house

Roubaud, Jacques.(2006)


Roads, Curtis, (2001)

Laughter : notes on a passion

Parvulescu, Anca.(2010)

Christopher Marlowe : a Renaissance life

Kuriyama, Constance Brown, (2002)

The Physics of solids

Ketterson, J. B.

Representations of algebraic groups

Jantzen, Jens Carsten.(2003)


Hawkins, Harriet,

Violent modernity : France in Algeria

Hannoum, Abdelmajid, (2010)


Field, Tiffany.

La place

Ernaux, Annie, (1990)


Emin, D. (2013)

The ancient phonograph

Butler, Shane,


Agamben, Giorgio,

The origins of music

Wallin, Nils Lennart.; Merker, Björn.; Brown, Steven, (2000)

Moral psychology

Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter,

Color atlas of sexual assault

Girardin, Barbara W.; -(1997)

The moral brain : a multidisciplinary perspective

Decety, Jean.; Wheatley, Thalia,

Racism and migrant labour

Miles, Robert, (1982)

Critical writings

Marinetti, F. T., (2006)

Little Dorrit

Dickens, Charles, (1996)

Refiguring the coquette : essays on culture and coquetry

King, Shelley.; Schlick, Yaël Rachel, (2008)

Representations of musical signals

De Poli, Giovanni.; Piccialli, Aldo.; Roads, Curtis.; -(1991)

The revolt of the masses

Ortega y Gasset, José, (1985)

Immunopharmacology / Manzoor M. Khan

Khan, Manzoor M.(2014)

Newgate : London's prototype of hell

Halliday, Stephen.(2007)

Principles of immunopharmacology

Nijkamp, Franciscus Petrus, (2011)

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres : Performance Permutations

Nielsen, Lara D.; Ybarra, Patricia.; -

Comparative contract law

Monateri, P. G.,


Kastner, Jeffrey.; -(2012)

Learning in graphical models

Jordan, Michael Irwin, (1999)

The studio

Hoffmann, Jens, (2012)


Farr, Ian,

International handbook on the economics of energy

Evans, Joanne.; Hunt, Lester C.; -(2011)


Doherty, Claire.; -(2009)


Cook, Sarah,

Ungeduld des Herzens : roman

Zweig, Stefan, (1939)

Energy law in a nutshell

Tomain, Joseph P.,


Kelly, Dennis, (2009)

Modeling the environment

Ford, Andrew (2010)

Between the world and me

Coates, Ta-Nehisi,

I am not your negro

Baldwin, James,

Code and the city

Kitchin, Rob,

Thinking in systems : a primer

Meadows, Donella H.(2008)


Lepecki, André.; -(2012)


Le Feuvre, Lisa.; -(2010)


Iversen, Margaret.; -(2010)

The market

Degen, Natasha,


Beech, Dave.; -(2009)


Batchelor, David, (2008)


Allen, Felicity, (2011)

Plastic vanitas

Neudecker, Mariele,

A terrible thing happened

Holmes, Margaret M., (2000)

Images of africa

Gallagher, Julia.(2017)

Dynamics of the liquid state

Balucani, U. (1994)


Noble, Richard,


Myers, Terry R.; -(2011)

The sublime

Morley, Simon, (2010)

The archive

Merewether, Charles.; -(2006)


McDonough, Tom,


Larsen, Lars Bang,


Lange-Berndt, Petra,

Moving image

Kholeif, Omar,


Kelly, Caleb, (2011)

The object

Hudek, Antony,


Getsy, David,


Evans, David, (2009)

The cinema of John Carpenter : the technique of terror

Conrich, Ian.; Woods, David.; -(2004)

Routledge handbook of African politics

Cheeseman, Nicholas, (2013)

The magazine

Allen, Gwen,

Magellan : der Mann und seine Tat

Zweig, Stefan, (1983)

The Routledge companion to Nazi Germany

Stackelberg, Roderick.(2007)

The third man

Mandelson, Peter.

The speculator

Greig, David.(1999)



On Hollywood : the place, the industry

Scott, Allen John; -(2014)

Bodies across borders : the global circulation of body parts, medical tourists and professionals

Parry, Bronwyn.; Greenhough, Beth.; Brown, Tim.; Dyck, Isabel.; -

Ideas and politics in social science research

Béland, Daniel.; Cox, Robert Henry.; -(2011)

Tensors : geometry and applications

Landsberg, J. M.(2012)

Polymer electronics

Geoghegan, Mark.(2013)

Guide to the FRCA examination : the final

Nightingale, Peter, (2008)

Wilkie Collins

Pykett, Lyn.(2009)

The Routledge companion to aesthetics

Gaut, Berys Nigel.; Lopes, Dominic.; -

Children = Enfants = Kinder

Salgado, Sebastião,

The Souls of Black Folk

Du Bois, W. E. B.

Understanding voltammetry

Compton, R. G.(2011)

James Joyce in Context

McCourt, John, (2013)

The Routledge companion to actors' Shakespeare

Brown, John Russell.; Ewert, Kevin, (2012)

Que aventura ser Matilde

Zink, Rui.(2005)

Charles Dickens

Sanders, Andrew.(2003)

Practical meta-analysis

Lipsey, Mark W.(2001)

Plasma physics : an introduction

Fitzpatrick, Richard,

Comparative public policy

Dodds, Anneliese.(2013)

The south in world politics

Alden, Chris.(2010)

The Gothic

Williams, Gilda.; -(2007)


Groom, Amelia,

The Oxford handbook of comparative politics

Boix, Carles.; Stokes, Susan Carol.; -(2007)

A instalacão do medo

Zink, Rui, (2013)

A dialogue on consciousness

Alter, Torin Andrew, (2009)

Clinical forensic medicine

McLay, W. D. S.; -(2009)

Design and art

Coles, Alex, (2007)

Africa : a beginner's guide

Young, Tom.(2010)

Samuel Beckett in context

Uhlmann, Anthony.(2013)

The great explosion

Russell, Eric Frank, (1962)

The story of French

Nadeau, Jean-Benoît.(2008)

Incompleteness in the land of sets

Fitting, Melvin, (2007)

Roy Jenkins

Campbell, John,

The dialectic of duration

Bachelard, Gaston,


Beshty, Walead,

Knight's forensic pathology

Saukko, Pekka J., (2016)

Ezra pound in context

Nadel, Ira B.(2015)

Simpson's forensic medicine

McGovern, Cliona,

Deu peces

Cunillé, Lluïsa, (2008)

Jeremy Thorpe

Bloch, Michael,

Ernest Hemingway in context

Moddelmog, Debra A.,

Foucault and animals

Chrulew, Matthew,

Maria Stuart

Zweig, Stefan, (1982)

Style icons, vol 4: Sirens

Roberts, Paul G.

Ben Jonson in context

Sanders, Julie,

Oscar Wilde in context

Powell, Kerry,

W. B. Yeats in context

Holdeman, David

Current practice in forensic medicine

Gall, John A. M.; Payne-James, Jason.; -(2011)

Age estimation in the living : the practitioners guide

Black, Sue M.; Aggrawal, Anil.; Payne-James, Jason.; -(2010)

Mental Capacity Act manual

Jones, Richard M.

Henry Clay : the essential American

Heidler, David Stephen, (2010)

Angel of oblivion

Haderlap, Maja,

British regional geology : London and the Thames Valley

Sumbler, M. G.; Sherlock, Robert Lionel, (1996)

New approaches to classes and concepts

Robering, Klaus.; -(2008)

The Brontës

Ingham, Patricia.(2008)

The internet of things

Greengard, Samuel.

Oxford handbook of forensic medicine

Wyatt, Jonathan P.; -(2011)

The politics of global regulation

Mattli, Walter.; Woods, Ngaire.; -(2009)

Principles of medical law

Laing, Judith M.,

George Eliot in context

Harris, Margaret,

The logic of fiction

Woods, John (2009)

It can't happen here

Lewis, Sinclair,

Proof-theoretical coherence

Došen, Kosta.(2004)

The Oxford handbook of economic inequality

Salverda, Wiemer.; Nolan, Brian, (2009)

The Oxford handbook of political institutions

Rhodes, R. A. W.; Binder, Sarah A.; Rockman, Bert A.; -(2006)

Foundations of the formal sciences : the history of the concept of the formal sciences

Löwe, Benedikt.; Peckhaus, Volker.; Räsch, Thoralf.; -(2006)

Symbolic knowledge from Leibniz to Husserl

Casanave, Abel Lassalle. (2012)

The Time machine

Wells, H. G.

The invisible man

Wells, H. G.

Logic is not mathematical

Slater, Barry Hartley, (2011)

The lost leaders

Pearce, Edward.(1998)

Inconsistent geometry

Mortensen, Chris.(2010)

The classic horror stories

Lovecraft, H. P.

King Solomon's mines

Haggard, Henry Rider (1998)

New Grub Street

Gissing, George,

Proof-theoretic semantics

Francez, Nissim,

Sybil, or, The two nations

Disraeli, Benjamin,

Philosophical aspects of symbolic reasoning in early modern mathematics

Heeffer, Albrecht.; Van Dyck, Maarten.; -(2010)

Elizabeth I : then and now

Elizabeth I, (2003)

The Greek political economy. 2000-2015

Roukanas, Spyros A.; Sklias, Pantelis G.; -(2017)

Doris Lessing

Bloom, Harold.; -(2003)

Down Second Avenue

Mphahlele, Es'kia,

Selected poems and related prose

Marinetti, F. T., (2002)

Pedagogy of the oppressed

Freire, Paulo.(2017)

Fantasia, an Algerian cavalcade

Djebar, Assia, (1993)


Dentith, Simon.(2000)


Davies, Tony, (2008)

Literature and fascination

Baumbach, Sibylle,

XAFS techniques for catalysts, nanomaterials, and surfaces

Iwasawa, Yasuhiro.; Asakura, Kiyotaka.; Tada, Mizuki.; -


Mills, Sara, (2004)

Sinus floor elevation procedures

Katsuyama, Hideaki.(2011)

Cei and the Arthurian legend

Gowans, Linda.(1988)

The many sides of logic

Carnielli, Walter A. (2009)

Theatre & race

Young, Harvey,

Look : poems

Sharif, Solmaz,

Research methods in business studies

Ghauri, Pervez N., (2010)

Novels in three lines

Fénéon, Félix, (2007)

The Brontës in context

Thormählen, Marianne,


Tambling, Jeremy.(2010)

Science fiction

Roberts, Adam (2006)


Philip, Marlene Nourbese, (2008)

Alfred and Emily

Lessing, Doris, (2009)


Innes, Paul, (2013)


Hall, Donald E. (2004)


Day, Aidan.(2012)


Colebrook, Claire.(2004)

Introductory combinatorics

Brualdi, Richard A.(2010)

Kazuo Ishiguro : new critical visions of the novels

Groes, Sebastian.; Lewis, Barry, (2011)

The rise and fall of modern empires

Shipway, Martin.; Levine, Philippa.; -(2013)

The anthropology of performance

Turner, Victor Witter.(1988)

Theatre & feminism

Solga, Kim,

The Field of Cloth of Gold

Richardson, Glenn.

Modernism and the ordinary

Olson, Liesl.(2009)

Theatre and social media

Lonergan, Patrick,

The heavenly twins

Grand, Sarah.(2009)

Introduction to polymer chemistry

Carraher, Charles E.,


Bergvall, Caroline,

Circumpolar health atlas

Young, T. Kue.; Rawat, Rajiv.; -(2012)

Fairy tale

Teverson, Andrew.

Dept. of Speculation

Offill, Jenny,

The member of the wedding

McCullers, Carson, (2001)


Forster, E. M. (2005)

The man of mode

Etherege, George, (2007)

Decolonizing dialectics

Ciccariello-Maher, George,

Elizabeth Barrett Browning : selected poems

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,

The rover

Behn, Aphra,

Making things international,

Salter, Mark B.,

Making things international

Salter, Mark B.,

Pater the classicist : classical scholarship, reception, and aestheticism

Martindale, Charles.; Evangelista, Stefano.; Prettejohn, Elizabeth.; -(2017)

Stochastic methods in neuroscience

Laing, Carlo.; Lord, Gabriel J.; -(2010)

The Kenning anthology of poets theater 1945-1985

Killian, Kevin.; Brazil, David (2010)

The Cambridge companion to Brentano

Jacquette, Dale.; -(2004)

The lesbian premodern

Giffney, Noreen.; Sauer, Michelle M., (2011)


Tóibín, Colm,

Gutai : decentering modernism

Tiampo, Ming.(2011)


Roth, Philip.(2011)


Robinson, Marilynne.(2004)

Our souls at night

Haruf, Kent,

Voyage en orient 1849-1851

Flaubert, Gustave,

Modern algebra : an introduction

Durbin, John R.(2008)


Bassnett, Susan.


Bachelard, Gaston, (1986)

Philosophy of logic : an anthology

Jacquette, Dale.; -(2002)

Competition, contracts and electricity markets : a new perspective

Glachant, Jean-Michel.; Finon, Dominique.; De Hauteclocque, Adrien.; -(2011)

Spiritual adventures

Symons, Arthur.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

Swinburne, Algernon Charles,

The Maximus poems

Olson, Charles, (1983)

The Victorian governess

Hughes, Kathryn.(2001)

Applied numerical analysis using MATLAB

Fausett, Laurene V.(2008)

Middle English

Strohm, Paul, (2009)

From postwar to postmodern : art in Japan, 1945-1989

Chong, Doryun.; Hayashi, Michio.; Kajiya, Kenji.; Sumityomo, Fumihiko.; -(2013)

Mutiny at the margins

Bates, Crispin; Carter, Marina; Major, Andrea; Rand, Gavin; -(2017)

The London Blitz

Cross, Arthur.(1987)

The Duchess of Malfi

Webster, John, (2014)

An actor's work

Stanislavsky, Konstantin,

The sublime

Shaw, Philip A.,

Elementary linear algebra

Larson, Ron, (2013)

The constitution of liberty

Hayek, Friedrich A. von (2006)

The rover

Behn, Aphra, (2012)


Abbott, Edwin Abbott, (2010)

The revenger's tragedy

Tourneur, Cyril,

U.S. energy tax policy

Metcalf, Gilbert E.,

Krushchev remembers

Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, (1970)

Goethe on art

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, (1980)

The white devil

Webster, John, (2008)


Shakespeare, William,

The comedy of errors

Shakespeare, William,

The prince

Machiavelli, Niccolò, (2005)

The Spanish tragedy

Kyd, Thomas, (2009)

Trans : a memoir

Jacques, Juliet,

A simple story

Inchbald, (1996)

Thomas Paine's Rights of man : a biography

Hitchens, Christopher.(2007)

The future of socialism

Crosland, Anthony, (2006)

Intuition of the instant

Bachelard, Gaston, (2013)


Currie, Mark, (1995)

Diagnosing the Philippine economy : toward inclusive growth

Canlas, Dante B.; Khan, Muhammad Ehsan.; Zhuang, Juzhong.; -(2011)

The Governess : An Anthology

Broughton, Trev Lynn, (1997)

King Arthur

Bloom, Harold.; -(2004)

Applied combinatorics

Tucker, Alan, (2012)

'N ander land

Schoeman, Karel.(2006)

Clinical guide to oral surgery

Renton, Tara.(2013)

Nightmare Abbey

Peacock, Thomas Love, (2016)

A dying colonialism

Fanon, Frantz, (1965)

Decolonizing sexualities

Bakshi, Sandeep,

Zhang Huan ash

Zhang, Huan, (2007)

Swanson on Swanson

Swanson, Gloria, (1981)

Deep learning

Goodfellow, Ian,

Mental health, race and culture

Fernando, Suman.(2010)

Peirce's logic of continuity

Zalamea, Fernando,

Debt restructuring

Olivares-Caminal, Rodrigo,

Oxford Handbook of Midwifery

Medforth, Janet.(2017)

The black flag : Peter Kropotkin on anarchism

Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, (2010)

Nonlinear systems

Khalil, Hassan K., (2014)

Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms

Soltis, Douglas E.; -(2005)

Textbook of diabetes

Holt, Richard I. G.,

Oxford handbook of paediatrics

Tasker, Robert C. (2013)

Capitalism and freedom

Friedman, Milton,


B, Franko.(2003)

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry

Foye, William O.; Lemke, Thomas L.; Williams, David A., (2013)

Thérèse Raquin

Zola, Émile,

La curée

Zola, Émile, (1981)

Crotchet castle

Peacock, Thomas Love,

Work ethic

Molesworth, Helen Anne.(2003)


Koltès, Bernard-Marie.(2009)

Une part de ma vie : entretiens (1983-1989)

Koltès, Bernard-Marie. (2010)

Law and crime in the Roman world

Harries, Jill.(2007)

Socialism, utopian and scientific

Engels, Friedrich, (2008)

Père Goriot

Balzac, Honoré de,

Leigh Bowery

Violette, Robert.; Bowery, Leigh.; -(1998)

Configuring romanticism : essays offered to C.C. Barfoot

Haen, Theo d'.; Liebregts, P. Th. M. G.; Tigges, Wim.; Ewen, Colin J.; Barfoot, C. C.; -(2003)

The theatre of Tennessee Williams

Williams, Tennessee,


Rose-Innes, Henrietta,

Handbook of psychophysiology

Cacioppo, John T.,


Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, (1970)

Public Finance

Rosen, Harvey S. (2014)

Performance art

Nuttall, Jeff.(1979)

The portrait of a lady

James, Henry, (1996)

Handbook of media economics

Anderson, Simon P,

Animation in the middle east

Stefanie Van De Peer.(2016)

The varieties of reference

Evans, Gareth, (1982)

On criticism

Carroll, Noël, (2009)

The Oxford handbook of political economy

Weingast, Barry R.; Wittman, Donald A.; -(2006)

The impact of gender quotas

Franceschet, Susan, (2012)

The philosophy of horror

Fahy, Thomas Richard.; -

A modern utopia

Wells, H. G. (2005)

Irrational exuberance

Shiller, Robert J.,

Bayesian econometrics

Koop, Gary.(2003)

Jacobean drama

Aebischer, Pascale.(2010)

Research methods for cultural studies

Pickering, Michael, (2008)

Party members and activists

Haute, Emilie van,

The Egyptian peasant

Ayrout, Henry Habib.(2005)

Reforming the state without changing the model of power?

Oleinik, Anton Nikholaevich, (2016)

Theatre & violence

Nevitt, Lucy,

Models of teaching

Joyce, Bruce R.

Tort law

Finch, Emily,

Collected papers

Evans, Gareth, (1985)

The Federalist papers

Hamilton, Alexander, (2012)

Risk and the war on terror

Amoore, Louise.; Goede, Marieke de, (2008)

Principles of anatomy and physiology

Tortora, Gerard J.(2011)

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