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“The possibility of revolutionary inventions should always be kept in mind” Albert Thurston 1919

19 July 2016

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Science and Engineering in the Archives is now open on the 2nd Floor of the Mile End Library. The exhibition explores the history of science and engineering at QMUL, with displays highlighting:

Practical instruction at the People’s Palace Technical Schools

From 1887 to 1905 the Technical Schools taught vocational and academic subjects to boys over the age of 12 as well as adults. It reflected the ethos of the People’s Palace, namely to enable East Londoners to improve their lives through education and ‘rational recreation’.

Women scientists at Westfield College

Westfield College, a pioneering university for women opened in Hampstead in 1882, widened its teaching in 1906 to include science, specifically botany. In doing so it took Edwardian women out of the classroom and into laboratories and out on fieldwork.

Innovation and exploration at QMUL

QMUL has helped to further knowledge in a variety of science and engineering subjects over the years ranging from aeronautics to nuclear engineering, and today continues to facilitate discovery.

The items on display come from the College Archives. Find out more about the collections here.



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