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Privacy and data protection

Your right to privacy is important to us. The Library is keen to strike a fair balance between your personal privacy and ensuring that you obtain full value from the services that we provide, while ensuring that it complies with all protection the Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act") affords to you. The Library will hold any personal data (needed for the purposes of providing a service to you as well as monitoring the use of the library) securely in accordance with the Act.

Any personal data that you provide will be treated with the utmost care and security. We will hold your personal information on our systems (computerised and/or manual) for as long as it is still used for the purpose stated when originally requested.

Should you request that we amend records containing your personal data, we will endeavour to do so as promptly as practical. However, you may receive communication for a transitional period while we process your records.

The Act gives you the right to see personal information Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Library holds on you. Please see Data protection at QMUL for more information.

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